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In our several previous posts, we have talked about the nation-wide admissions portal that worked entirely online, and most common examples were Common App in the United States and UCAS in the United Kingdom. Instead of being an online portal about college/university admissions, the Government of India created a national scholarship portal that eliminated the need of turning in hundreds of paper copies and application forms. Also, students in India don’t have to go through multiple websites to find their scholarship since all scholarships offered by the Indian Government are listed in the National Scholarship Portal known as the NSP. Back in the day, eligibility requirements and application links for Indian Government Scholarships were hard and rare to find, but now, you can find important details of each scholarship very quickly due to NSP’s organized guidelines.

1. NSP Central Scholarship Schemes

This type of NSP Scholarship is offered by the Government, and it is separated into nine separate departments. Each department and its corresponding scholarship is called by its acronym so be sure to know which one that you are looking for since it can get confusing at times. Also, each link down below leads to a table that lists every scholarship schemes offered by each department, and last but not least, you can look at the official source in the last section of our post. To be easy for your eyes, I have listed every department in the NSP Central Scholarship Schemes and also the number of scholarships offered by each department.

As you can see, there are many scholarship schemes offered by the Government of India, and even more, if you count the scholarships offered by private companies and nonprofit organizations. To help you guys out, the corresponding link for each department will lead you to tables that contain the necessary information for each scholarship scheme, and I hope that you take advantage of this information since this is free funding offered to students in India.

2. NSP University Grants Commission Scheme (UGC)

Also known as the UGC Schemes, the University Grants Commission offers four separate scholarship schemes that are shown in our post here. Similar to the previous section for NSP Central Scholarship Schemes, the link above will lead you to a chart that contains the necessary information for each scholarship schemes offered by UGC. Also, UGC was not established to award scholarships since it was first established to help maintain the standards of education and teaching in India. As time went on, the funding for UGC increased, and there was not a better way to spend that money but to return it to the students in a form called scholarships. If you are interested in applying for UGC, be sure to click on the application link in our last section.

3. NSP State Scholarship Schemes

When the Government of India came out with those numerous scholarship schemes shown in our first section, individual states and territories within India couldn’t stay quiet for long. Since there was a huge financial difference due to the caste system, immediate actions needed to be taken to relieve the families with financial need. Compared to other sections such as UGC or Indian Government Scholarships, NSP State Scholarships contain way more scholarships schemes than both sections combined! With that anticipation in mind, let’s get into our list of states with their individual scholarship schemes.

  • Assam (8 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Chandigarh (5 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Bihar (3 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Uttarakhand (11 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Tripura (10 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Karnataka (2 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Meghalaya (2 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Arunachal Pradesh (3 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Jammu Kashmir (1 Scholarship Scheme)
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli (3 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Himachal Pradesh (16 Scholarship Schemes)
  • Manipur (2 Scholarship Schemes

If your state is listed in the list above, you are probably eligible for several scholarship schemes offered by your state. If your state/territory is not listed in the list, you can always look at the scholarship schemes offered in the first two sections. After selecting your scholarship, be sure to look at the corresponding tables for each department, and be sure to take advantage of this information by checking the application deadlines and making note of the opening and closing dates.

Helpful Video Guides

Even though it is not related to the scholarship topic, you can watch this video if you are interested in one of the cheapest colleges in United States.
This video guide will lead you to the basic information needed for National Scholarship Portal, but in this video, I couldn’t get into the NSP myself since I am not a national of India. However, in your case, it might be a little bit different. Good Luck!

Important Details / Application Guidelines

The application procedure for each scholarship is very simple since the necessary information such as the eligibility requirements and the application deadlines are all listed in the National Scholarship Portal. After clicking on the link down below, you will see three different sections for NSP Central Scholarship Schemes, University Grants Commission, and NSP State Scholarship Schemes. After clicking on your section, it will separate into sections that I have shown above, and you can click on individual sections to look at the application guidelines for each scholarship scheme. If you want to apply for a particular scheme, you can register as a student in the National Scholarship Portal in order to apply online.

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