Bank Rayat Scholarship

Bank Rayat Scholarship 2020

Some students lose their incentive to study after receiving full-ride scholarships; however, recipients of Bank Rayat Scholarship have an incentive to study since their scholarship is dependent on their grades. Basically, it works like this. All eligible Malaysian students are given the scholarship award; however, whether you pay your scholarship back or not depends on […]

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KAUST Scholarship

KAUST Scholarship 2020

The acronym KAUST stands for King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, and KAUST offers renowned graduate programs for prospective applicants. Due to KAUST Scholarships, many students receive their education for free! Eligibility Requirements / Values If you are admitted to King Abdullah University, you automatically receive the benefits of the KAUST Fellowship; however, in […]

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NCB Scholarships

NCB Scholarships 2020

Standing for National Commercial Bank, the NCB is the largest financial organization in the country of Jamaica. NCB has decided to dedicate a portion of its profits to establish an undergraduate scholarship. The NCB Scholarship is for any Jamaican who is trying to get an education. Don’t leave until you have finished reading the eligibility […]

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AICTE Scholarships

AICTE Scholarships 2020

Standing for All India Council for Technical Education, AICTE is an educational department that was established immediately after India’s independence in 1947. Knowing the importance of technical education, AICTE Scholarships was established to encouraged Indian students to take courses concerning applied science and modern technology. Types of AICTE Scholarships AICTE Scholarships are separated into four […]

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BEA Scholarships

BEA Scholarships 2020

Known for short as BEA, the Broadcast Education Association is a world-wide organization that specializes in fields of broadcasting and electronic media. To encourage prospective students to pursue their dream goals, the BEA is awarding students who are interested in electronic media, radio, broadcasting, media technology, and innovation. Categories of BEA Scholarships The BEA Scholarships […]

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Glandex Scholarships

Glandex Scholarships 2020

Glandex Scholarships are offered by Vetnique Labs, which provides a special veterinary products for cats and dogs. To promote the love for family pets, Vetnique Labs currently offers $1,000 scholarships to prospective college students. Eligibility Requirements of Glandex Scholarship In addition to the eligibility criteria, prospective applicants need to write a written essay about a […]

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AKER Scholarship

AKER Scholarship 2020

The AKER Scholarship is for students pursuing a Master’s or PhD Degree, so that automatically means that you have already finished college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. The recipients of AKER Scholarship studies in one of the world’s top universities. The list of AKER Scholarship Universities are Caltech, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, […]

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BCA Scholarships

BCA Scholarships 2020

BCA in BCA Scholarships have three different meanings. The first group of BCA Scholarships refers to BCA Study Abroad Program, and the second group refers to BCA (Burlington City Arts) Scholarships. If you are looking for BCA Study Abroad Scholarships, please click this link; however, if you are looking for Building and Construction Authority Scholarships, […]

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SOAS Scholarships

Benefits of SOAS Scholarships 2020

Before we get into SOAS Scholarships, there might be some questions that are floating in your mind, and one of them is, “What does SOAS stand for?” SOAS is an acronym of The School of Oriental & African Studies, and it is a prestigious college in London that specializes in the study of Asia, Africa, […]

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BEEF Scholarships

BEEF Scholarships 2020

Starting with a short introduction, the BEEF Scholarship is for students who are involved in livestock activities. The acronym BEEF stands for BeefMaster Educational Endowment Foundation, and it offers several scholarships to prospective students. Unlike other scholarship programs, the BeefMaster Foundation does not offer high-value scholarships, but it offers a few small scholarships that value […]

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