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Umbrella Scholarship (2021)

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The government of India has created many scholarship schemes for international students and also for its own citizens. The scholarship scheme that we will be covering today is called the Umbrella Scholarship, which is only for nationals of India. Offering to all levels of higher education, this scholarship program is available to a small group of students due to its special requirement. We’ll check out what that special requirement is by going over the eligibility requirements, so be sure to read each criterion carefully. Last but not least, we will end with the benefits and the application procedure for Umbrella Scholarship.

Application Requirements / Benefits

I just want to remind you that this information came from a primary source that came from the homepage of India’s National Scholarship Portal. After clicking on the link above, you can scroll down to see the list of central schemes and please click on the Department of Empowerment of Person with Disabilities in order to see the guidelines for each category of Umbrella Scholarship. Since I didn’t receive any questions yet, I’ll go straight into the eligibility requirements of this scholarship scheme.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a National of India
  • Be a Student with a Disability More Than 40%
  • Limit of Two Applicants Per Family
  • If Attending a Class, the Scholarship Period is Limited to One Year
  • Not Receiving Funding from External Sources
  • Financial Requirements
    • For Pre-Matric and Post-Matric Scholarship, Your Parents / Guardian Income Should Be Less Than Rs. 2,50,000
    • For Top Class Education, National Overseas Scholarship, and Free Coaching from SwDs, Your Parents / Guardian Income Should Be Less Than Rs. 6,00,000
    • For National Fellowships for PwDs, There is No Income Ceiling

By looking at the requirements, you might be unfamiliar with the terms listed above, so I’ll be going over each requirement and cover the important aspects. The nationality requirement is pretty simple to understand (1), and you have to give a proof such as a doctor’s note or a certificate to prove that you have more than 40% disability (2). For children with the same parent, there is a limit of two applicants per family, so only two children of the same parent can apply for Umbrella Scholarship (3). The scholarship duration for each scholarship is one year, which means you need to renew your scholarship annually (4). If you are applying for Umbrella Scholarship, you shouldn’t be holding other scholarships or receiving funding from outside sources (5).

Last but not least, there is a financial requirement for each scholarship category, and yes, I didn’t mention the five scholarship categories yet but here it is. Umbrella Scholarship splits into five different categories, and it doesn’t end here since each category has its own set of more requirements (5). After looking at the scholarship benefits, you are highly recommended to go to the guideline section of the Umbrella Scholarship to look at the specific details regarding each category. Then, you can finally apply by using the scholarship portal.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Maintenance Stipend
  • Disability Stipend
  • Book Stipend

As you apply for higher levels of scholarship, you will receive an increasing amount of benefits since you will need more money to pay for your education. Of course, the maintenance stipend will cover your monthly expenses for tuition, room & board, and other fees; and the disability allowance which covers the necessary equipment for your disability will vary for each applicant. The book stipend is pretty straight forward since it will cover the fees related to your required materials in class. I hope you enjoyed this post, and please come by again to our website since it is open to everyone!