Snehapoorvam Scholarship

Snehapoorvam Scholarship (2021)

Most scholarships that I have covered in many of my posts were for students who are high school graduates and about to start on their college careers, but Snehapoorvam Scholarship is a different type of scholarship altogether. Instead of focusing on prospective students who are about to go into college, the Government of Kerala decided […]

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Dr Ambedkar Scholarship Portal

Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal of Punjab

Due to its efficiency of distributing scholarships, more and more people begin to like major scholarship portals and admissions portals that are based entirely online. To implement this brand new idea, the government of Punjab decided to established its own scholarship portal for its own state. Divided into numerous districts, the government of Punjab established […]

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UGC Scholarship Schemes

UGC Scholarship Schemes (2021)

Being part of the Ministry of the Human Resource and Rural Development, UGC stands for University Grants Commission, and it currently offers four different UGC Scholarship Schemes to prospective applicants. Today, we will be looking at the eligibility requirements and the scholarship benefits for each individual scheme, and I will also post the link to […]

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RPF/RPSF Scholarship

RPF/RPSF Scholarship (2021)

Offered by the Ministry of Railway, RPF/RPSF Scholarship was established by the Government of India to award the hard work done by RPF/RPSF personnel. Now, you might be wondering what RPF and RPSF stand for, and the answer is that they represent the Railway Protection Force and the Railway Protection Special Force. To award the […]

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WARB Scholarships

WARB Scholarships (2021)

To provide financial assistance to the families of government personnel, the Government of India has tasked the Ministry of Home Affairs to award various scholarships that are based purely on eligibility. If you are eligible for this scholarship, then you have a high chance of automatically receiving this scholarship since the pool of applicants for […]

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DOHE Scholarship

DOHE Scholarship (2021)

This scholarship is one of the major government schemes of India, and it is passed down from the Government of India to the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The current department that is handling this scholarship and also the author of this scholarship scheme is called the Department of Higher Education. I have recently covered […]

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MHRD Scholarships

MHRD Scholarships (2021)

Offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, these two scholarship schemes are awarded through the Department of School Education & Literacy. Similar to previous scholarships, MHRD Scholarships depend on financial aid and academic merit, and this scholarship is renewable for up to four years. Keep in mind that you need to maintain your academic […]

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MOLE Scholarships

MOLE Scholarships (2021)

Offered by one of the major departments in India, MOLE Scholarships stand for financial awards given out by the Ministry of Labour / Employment. Among numerous scholarship schemes in the National Scholarship Portal, MOLE currently offers three separate scholarship schemes to eligible applicants. For each scholarship scheme, I have included the basic eligibility requirement to […]

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MOTA Scholarship

MOTA Scholarship (2021)

The acronym MOTA stands for the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, which is one of the governmental departments of India. To award financially struggling students of India, India has created MOTA to especially help ST students, which are also known as Schedule Tribe Students. The MOTA Scholarship was created by merging two former scholarships, which were […]

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MOSJ Scholarship

MOSJ Scholarship (2021)

Standing for the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, MOSJ has established a scholarship scheme that is only available for a limited number of students in India. Compared to other departments and ministries, there is only one scholarship that is being awarded by MOSJ, and all the detailed information is covered in the section down […]

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