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AKER Scholarship (2021)

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The AKER Scholarship is for students pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. Degree so that automatically means that you have already finished college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. The recipients of AKER Scholarship studies in one of the world’s top universities.

The list of AKER Scholarship Universities is Caltech, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, and National University of Singapore. These universities are one of the best in the country and very popular for their quality education.

To summarize, the AKER Scholarship provides funding for students who want to get a Master’s or a Ph.D. in one of the top leading universities. In addition, this scholarship is non-binding (no strings attached). If you receive this scholarship, you get the education, and you are free to do whatever you choose.

Eligibility Requirements of AKER Scholarship

Before you apply for AKER Scholarship, you need to realize that this scholarship is for Masters and Ph.D. Programs. If you are a high school student, you cannot apply for this scholarship; however, if you have already graduated from college or you are very close to graduating, then you can for AKER Scholarship.

The AKER Scholarship Committee does not specify a grading standard, but they want prospective students with good grades from high school through college, and you need to be a student that works hard and strives to make a difference.

In addition to the eligibility requirements, AKER Scholarship has some important forms that need to be filled out. You apply for AKER Scholarship through an online application, and be sure to keep an eye out for application deadlines.

Required Forms of AKER Scholarship

  • Personal Information
  • Transcripts From High School Through College
  • CV (Very Similar to a Resume)
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Other Relevant Documents
  • Letter Describing Your Goals and Whys (Masters Only)
  • Letter Describing Your PhD Project (PhDs Only)

The relevant documents and personal information might vary between applicants, so make sure you fill your required fields accurately. In addition to all the required forms, you are asked three questions in the beginning to determine if you are eligible for this scholarship or not. Also, the application window is only three to four months in length, so make note of the application deadline if you are too early or too late.

Benefits of AKER Scholarship

As I have already covered, the AKER Scholarship provides funding for students who are studying Masters or Ph.D. in one of the world’s top universities. I didn’t mention this beforehand, but you still need to pass the university’s admissions requirements too.

AKER Scholarship provides the money, but the university gives you the education. In some cases, the university rejects an applicant due to his ineligibility or his past history. If that is the case, the AKER Scholarship Recipient does not get to study at that university.

Even though you might receive the AKER Scholarship, please keep in mind that you also need to pass the admissions requirements of the university that you are applying for! Don’t let your guard down!!

For Prospective AKER Scholarship Applicants, the Scholarship Committee will invite the top applicants to an interview, and students with great potential are awarded scholarships. After receiving a scholarship, the applicant can now apply for his dream university from one of the top leading universities in the world.

If that university confirms your admissions, then the scholarship will be counted as “official.” So please keep up the great work, and the link to the AKER Scholarship is posted down below!

To Apply for AKER Scholarship, Click Here.

Conclusion: Keep on Applying!

Even though you might apply for this scholarship, there is a chance that you will not be awarded the AKER Scholarship; however, you can always apply for other scholarships other than this one. Stay diligent in your search, and don’t be easily discouraged if you are rejected from the scholarship committee.

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