UPenn Scholarships

University of Pennsylvania Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Pennsylvania is a private university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is part of the Ivy League Universities, which is an elite group of top universities in the United States. The name is synonymous with prestige, academic excellence, and schools full of geniuses. In this article, we will be looking at UPenn scholarships […]

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Cornell University Scholarships

Cornell University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

Cornell University is a prestigious private university located in Ithaca, New York. It is part of the Ivy League Schools, which an elite group of private universities known for their academic excellence and prestige. You can see the academic excellence by just looking at their alumni and faculty profile. There are 47 Nobel laureates, 33 […]

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Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

Stanford University is an elite private University located in California. An interesting story about the founding of Stanford University is that an old couple wanted a building at Harvard named for their dead son, but Harvard University basically ignored them because that would take a lot of money. So, the couple took that money and […]

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Harvard University Scholarships

Harvard University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

Harvard University is an Ivy League Institution located in Massachusetts. It is highly competitive to get into due to its prestige and academic excellence. However, once you do get accepted, you do receive generous Harvard University scholarships. In this article, we will cover Harvard University scholarships as well as need-based aid. Harvard Cost of Attendance […]

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