RPF/RPSF Scholarship

RPF/RPSF Scholarship (2021)

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Offered by the Ministry of Railway, RPF/RPSF Scholarship was established by the Government of India to award the hard work done by RPF/RPSF personnel. Now, you might be wondering what RPF and RPSF stand for, and the answer is that they represent the Railway Protection Force and the Railway Protection Special Force. To award the RPF/RPSF due to their loyalty to the country of India, the Prime Minister implemented this scholarship program to award the children of RPF/RPSF personnel and also the widows that were made due to the sacrifices of RPS/RPSF. To assist financially in a way that only a country can, RPF/RPSF Scholarship Scheme was created to fulfill the educational dreams of young, talented students.

1. Prime Minister’s Scheme for RPF/RPSF

To honor the Prime Minister for his accomplishments, the title for the first RPF/RPSF Scholarship was named after his government position. Also, this scholarship scheme is known by its another name, which stands for Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMSS), and instead of calling it long, I’ll call it in a short acronym to get more information across to you guys. Most of the eligibility requirements for PMSS is focused on your academic courses, so be sure to pay attention to the tiny details. Without further hesitation, let’s get straight into the application prerequisites for PMSS.

  • Be Enrolled in Professional Degree Courses*
  • Cannot Be Studying Abroad
  • Cannot Be Learning By Distance Learning Courses
  • Available for Only One Course
  • Should Have Scored At Least 60% or Above in MEQ
  • Limit of Two Applicants Per Family

*The professional degree courses such as BE, B. Tech, BDS, MBBS, BEd, BBS, BCA, MCA, B. Phar., etc. that are recognized by the respective Government Regulatory Bodies, such as All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Medical Council of India (MCI), University Grants Commission (UGC), National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), etc. (Master Degree Courses Are Not Eligible Except for MBA, MCA). In Annexure I, you can find a detailed list of courses.

Unfortunately, there is only one scholarship offered in this department, so we will have to end this post right after this section. However, we still didn’t cover the scholarship benefits, so we’ll browse quickly over it before coming to an end. For male students, scholarship benefits are Rs. 2000 /- per month, and for female students, the benefits are Rs. 2250 /- per month. Similar to other Indian government scholarships, you can renew this scholarship also, but it is based on your academic achievements, so don’t slack off even though you might become the next scholarship recipient!

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