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MOTA Scholarship (2021)

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The acronym MOTA stands for the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, which is one of the governmental departments of India. To award financially struggling students of India, India has created MOTA to especially help ST students, which are also known as Schedule Tribe Students. The MOTA Scholarship was created by merging two former scholarships, which were known as Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship and Top Class Education Scholarship. This scholarship scheme is one of the newest awards in the National Scholarship Portal, and without further ado, let’s get straight into our one and only MOTA Scholarship Scheme.

1. National Fellowship and Scholarship for HE of ST Students

Since I didn’t have enough space to put all the words for the scholarship title, I had to abbreviate Higher Education as HE. Unlike previous departments and ministries, MOTA only offers one scholarship scheme since their only two scholarships were merged as one big award; however, this one big award is separated into two major sections. As you can see in the title, this scheme is labeled as fellowship and scholarship, which means that you can apply for either scholarship (undergraduate / graduate -masters) or fellowship (postgraduate – M.Phil / Ph.D.). There is a faint but definite line between the two, but you need to figure that out before you apply. Since there are two types of financial awards, there are two sets of eligibility requirements.

  • Fellowship Requirements
    • Be an ST Student
    • Passed the Post-Graduation Examination
    • Admitted to M.Phil / Ph. D Courses*
    • Shouldn’t Be Receiving Funding From Any Other Scholarship
  • Scholarship Requirements
    • Be an ST Student
    • Be Admitted to One of Premier Institutions Selected by MOTA*
    • Total Family’s Income Should Be Less Than Rs. 6.0 Lakh per Year

*Also, you need to be admitted to a university/institution recognized by UGC for the fellowship requirement, and the list of premier institutions will be posted by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for each year. Last but not least, we will end with the MOTA scholarship benefits that are awarded to students each year.

  • Fellowship Awards
    • Rs. 25000 /- Per Month for M. Phil
      • Rs. 10000 / Per Year for Humanities & Social Science
      • Rs. 12000 / Per Year for Science, Engineering, Technology
    • Rs. 28000 /- Per Month for Ph.D
      • Rs. 20500 Per Year for Humanities & Social Science
      • Rs. 25000 Per Year for Science, Engineering, Technology
    • Rs. 2000 /- Per Month for Physically Handicapped and Blind Candidates
    • Additional Coverage for HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement)
  • Scholarship Awards
    • Full Coverage of Tuition and Mandatory Fees
    • Book Stipend of Rs. 3000
    • Living Stipend of Rs. 2200 Per Month
    • One-Time Computer Stipend of Rs. 45000

By looking at the benefits of fellowship/scholarship, you can see why so many people apply for MOTA Scholarship due to its high financial awards. If you want to be a part of this program, you can look at the specific details of the MOTA Scholarship here, and you can apply for this program at the NSP Scholarship Portal. Before we end, I just want to remind you that you are always welcome to return to our homepage for daily posts so don’t miss out on free scholarship information!