Maori Scholarships

Maori Scholarships 2020

Offered by the Maori Education Trust, the Maori Scholarships are awarded to talented students who are in financial need. Depending on the eligibility requirements, the value of scholarships might be larger or smaller, but in order to apply, you need to fit the application requirements of that particular scholarships. In addition to the eligibility requirements, […]

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NEC Scholarships

NEC Scholarships 2020

NEC Scholarships are offered by one of the highest institutions of music, and New England Conservatory is very popular due to its distinguished musical faculty and its high standard. The NEC believes that music has many benefits for the whole society and also for the students as individuals. Not only encouraging students in music, the […]

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King Saud University Scholarships

King Saud University Scholarships 2020

Before we get into specific details concerning King Saud University Scholarships, I am going to quickly cover the education system of Saudi Arabia. Driven to decrease illiteracy among its people, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education focused much of its funds to its undergraduate and graduate schools. To encourage education, the public universities of Saudi Arabia […]

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UCL Scholarships

UCL Scholarships 2020

You might have wondered what UCL really stands for, and it stands for two different things. Athletes might know UCL as part of the joint, but in this case, UCL stands for University College London. Also, UCL is known as London’s Global University due to its impact around the world through its UCL Scholarships. In […]

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Hawaii USA FCU Scholarships

Hawaii USA FCU Scholarships 2020

Offered by the Federal Credit Union, Hawaii USA FCU Scholarships are a partial scholarship that is for a select group of people. This scholarship is similar to Burger King Scholarship since it offers low value scholarships to many students. Values / Eligibility Requirements As I have already mentioned, the value of Hawaii USA FCU Scholarships […]

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USA Basketball Scholarship

USA Basketball Scholarships 2020

Even from a young age, many students aspire to be a professional basketball player in the NBA (National Basketball Association). It’s not just students from United States, but it’s a dream even for international students. Being famous, playing basketball, and earning bucket loads of money might be your dream life, but let’s get the foundation […]

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Greek American Scholarships

Greek American Scholarships 2020

Yes, there are many scholarships offered to Greek Americans, but Pan Hellenic Scholarship Foundation is a place to go to when you are searching for great scholarships concerning undergraduate students of Hellenes descent. PanHellenic Scholarship Awards will be given to prospective students with outstanding achievements and financial need. PanHellenic Scholarship Awards Also known as Greek […]

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