best universities in japan for International students

10 Best Universities in Japan for International Students

The country of Japan began to grow in popularity as more and more international students became interested in learning about Japanese culture. To top it all off, the Japanese government created the MEXT Scholarship Foundation to help international students with financial need. Who wouldn’t be interested in coming to a country full of ancient architecture […]

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Cheapest Universities in Alabama

7 Cheapest Universities in Alabama

Before you get too deep into the content, just know that this post is for students looking for an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, and the applicant is from out-of-state. However, in-state students can refer to this page and see which university in Alabama is the cheapest and look at the tuition fees for in-state students. Usually, […]

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Italian Government Scholarships

Italian Government Scholarships 2020

To increase the flow of international students, the Government of Italy has created a scholarship scheme that is for many international students. I didn’t say all international students since Italian Government Scholarships have nationality requirements that you have to pass in order to apply. Even if you meet the nationality requirement, you cannot be residing […]

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Snehapoorvam Scholarship

Snehapoorvam Scholarship 2020

Most scholarships that I have covered in many of my posts were for students who are high school graduates and about to start on their college careers, but Snehapoorvam Scholarship is a different type of scholarship altogether. Instead of focusing on prospective students who are about to go into college, the Government of Kerala decided […]

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