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Glandex Scholarships (2021)

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Glandex Scholarships are offered by Vetnique Labs, which provides special veterinary products for cats and dogs. To promote the love for family pets, Vetnique Labs currently offers $1,000 scholarships to prospective college students.

Eligibility Requirements of Glandex Scholarship

In addition to the eligibility criteria, prospective applicants need to write a written essay about a childhood pet you had previously, or a pet you currently now have, and how they are part of your family. The checklist of eligibility requirements with the essay details is listed down below!

Glandex Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Legal US Resident
  • Be One of the Following*
    • Current Undergraduate Student Enrolled in College
    • Graduating High School Senior That Will Be Enrolled in College
  • Submit an Written Essay**

*To prove that you are enrolled or will be enrolled in college, you just need to turn in a proof of enrollment such as a scan of your college transcript, a letter from admissions, or an acceptance letter from your future college.

**The essay’s word count should be between 1,000 to 1,200 words, and it should answer the question, “How is your pet part of your family?” It should start with a short introduction about yourself, and then, you can go on by answering the question above.

The application procedure for the Glandex Scholarship is simple. You just have to submit an email entry to a, and you also have to include your full name, picture of your face, phone number, and address. The specifics are listed in the link down below, so be sure to visit the website for small details.

To Apply for Glandex Scholarship, Click Here.

Conclusion: Application Deadline!

The Glandex Scholarships are awarded twice during the year, and they are separated into fall and spring scholarships. The application deadlines for each are different, so make sure to pay close attention to the opening and closing date for each group.

Even though it is a small amount, you need to remember that every little bit counts! Do your best, and keep on applying~

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