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MOLE Scholarships (2021)

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Offered by one of the major departments in India, MOLE Scholarships stand for financial awards given out by the Ministry of Labour / Employment. Among numerous scholarship schemes in the National Scholarship Portal, MOLE currently offers three separate scholarship schemes to eligible applicants. For each scholarship scheme, I have included the basic eligibility requirement to apply for your scholarship, and also a chart to help you along the way. If you have any questions, be send a note to the help desk at NSP.

1. MOLE Scholarship for Wards of Beedi/Cine/IOMC/LSDM

To explain a few terms in the title of this MOLE Scholarship, wards mean the children of the worker listed here, and the IOMC means Iron Ore & Manganese Ore & Chrome Ore Mine Workers. Last but not least, LSDM stands for Limestone & Dolomite Mine Workers. For students whose parents are in one of the listed categories, please remember that this is not the only qualification! You have prove yourself academically and make sure that you need this scholarship through your financial situation. Let’s quickly get into the eligibility requirements, and also keep in mind that you need to meet all of the listed requirements down below to apply for this scholarship.

  • One of Your Parent Should Be Either a Beedi, Cine, IOMC, LSDM Worker for At Least Six Months
  • Your Family’s Total Income Should Be Less Than
    • Rs. 10,000/- for Beedi Workers
    • Mine Workers Doing Manual, Unskilled, Highly Skilled, and Clerical Doesn’t Have an Income Limit
    • Rs. 10,000/- per Month for Mine Workers in Supervisory and Managerial Capacity
    • Rs. 8,000/- per Month for Sine Workers or Less Than Rs. 1,00,000/- Paid By Lump Sum or Instalments
  • Must Have Passed Your Last Qualifying Examination on Your First Attempt
  • Should Be Taking the Class in Person (Not Online and Not Studying Through Correspondence)*
  • Should Not Be Taking the Same Level of Education Twice*
  • Should Not Be Receiving Any Funding From External Sources*
  • Institute That You Are Studying At Must Be a Government / Government Recognized Institution

*All the eligibility requirements should be pretty straight-forward except for the ones that I have marked with an asterisk. For the first marked requirement, that basically means that you have to physically be attending the institution, and the second one means that you can’t get this scholarship if you get a bachelor’s degree and you are studying at an institution for another bachelor’s degree. Or, if you have already finished one professional line in law, and you are trying to go to another professional line such as bachelor in science or something like that. Last but not least, you can’t receive additional fundings from other organizations and foundations while you are applying for MOLE scholarships.

Class GroupsScholarship Awards for GirlsScholarship Awards for Guys
I to IVRs. 250Rs. 250
V to VIIIRs. 940Rs. 500
IXRs. 1140Rs. 700
XRs. 1840Rs. 1400
PUC I / IIRs. 2440Rs. 2000
ITIRs. 10,000Rs. 10,000
Degree CourseRs. 3000Rs. 3000
Professional Courses (BE / MBBS / BSc. – Agri.)Rs. 15000Rs. 15000

To end this scholarship scheme, I put in a chart that separates the financial aid awards for girls and guys that varies by each class group. As you increase the level of education, your scholarship amount will get bigger since you will need to pay more. Also, you need to have a bank account of your own name in order to apply for this scholarship since MOLE Scholarship Committee will send that money right to your account without having to go through your parent’s bank account first.

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Application Deadlines!

During the time that this post was written, the application for MOLE Scholarships was unfortunately closed; however, you might still need to check the application deadlines since it might be open. If it is open, then apply to it by using this scholarship portal, and if it is not, be sure to mark the opening date to come back to it as soon as it opens. I’ll see you in our next post, and please visit our homepage for most recent scholarship information.