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MHRD Scholarships (2021)

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Offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, these two scholarship schemes are awarded through the Department of School Education & Literacy. Similar to previous scholarships, MHRD Scholarships depend on financial aid and academic merit, and this scholarship is renewable for up to four years. Keep in mind that you need to maintain your academic standards even though you might be named as one of the scholarship recipients since scholarship renewal is dependent on your previous academic achievements. For each scholarship scheme, you need to meet all of the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the MHRD Scholarship, and please remember to check the application deadline before starting your scholarship application.

1. MHRD Scholarships to Girls in Secondary Education

The scholarship title was revised to fit the heading, but it is actually short for NSIGSE, which stands for the National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education. This scholarship was established to increase the chances of girls being able to receive a secondary education. Before this scholarship went into action, many girls dropped-out during school not because of misbehavior but due to the fact that their parents couldn’t afford to pay for their education. To reduce the rate of drop-outs and to support financially the education of ST/SC communities, this scholarship was established by the Government of India.

  • Be Either One of the Following
    • SC / ST Girls Who Pass Class VIII
    • Girls Who Pass Class VIII Examination From KGBV*
  • Enroll for Class IX in One of the Following Schools
    • State / UT (Union Territory) Schools
    • Government / Government-Aided Schools
    • Local Body Schools
  • Be Unmarried
  • Be Below 16 Years of Age

*KGBV is a government program of India, and it is called Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalayas.

As you can see in the above requirements, there are several options that you can take, but it is limited to only the choices above. Also, married girls are ineligible for this scheme, and girls studying in private unaided schools and in schools run by the Central Government are also ineligible for this scholarship scheme. Fortunately, there is no income limit for this scholarship since it is understood that most applicants applying for this scholarship are from poor financial backgrounds. The benefit of our first MHRD Scholarship is that you can withdraw Rs. 3000 after reaching 18 years old.

To See the Official Source, Click Here.

To Apply for This Scholarship, Click Here.

2. MHRD Merit / Financial Need Scholarships

Unlike the previous scholarship scheme, this award will be based on both financial need and academic merit. I had a hard time trying to locate the eligibility requirements for this first MHRD Scholarship, and please don’t be satisfied with our posted information since you need to always check the official source to be sure. Since I wasn’t sure if I could include all eligibility requirements, I thought that it was best to leave it up to you guys if you really want to check it out. As previously mentioned, the link to the second MHRD Scholarship is located above, and you can apply for this scholarship at the National Scholarship Portal. As always, stay safe, and I’ll come with more updated information on our homepage.