application for johnson scholarship

How to Apply for the Johnson Scholarship (W&L University)

Offered by Washington and Lee University, Johnson Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship that provides full-ride scholarship benefits. In other words, this scholarship covers full tuition, room & board, mandatory expenses, and even a $7,000 stipend for summer programs. This screenshot was taken during the 2020~2021 scholarship application, so please check the latest application requirements if […]

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BEEF Scholarships

BEEF Scholarships (2021)

Starting with a short introduction, the BEEF Scholarship is for students who are involved in livestock activities. The acronym BEEF stands for BeefMaster Educational Endowment Foundation, and it offers several scholarships to prospective students. Unlike other scholarship programs, the BeefMaster Foundation does not offer high-value scholarships, but it offers a few small scholarships that value […]

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