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Snehapoorvam Scholarship (2021)

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Most scholarships that I have covered in many of my posts were for students who are high school graduates and about to start on their college careers, but Snehapoorvam Scholarship is a different type of scholarship altogether. Instead of focusing on prospective students who are about to go into college, the Government of Kerala decided to focus on the foundation of the whole matter by establishing this scholarship scheme just for children. Yes, Snehapoorvam Scholarship is only applicable for children and especially orphaned children. Over the years, the number of orphaned children in Kerala started to increase exponentially due to natural disasters, wars, communal riots, and unexpected accidents. As time passes, children begin to grow into teenagers and teenagers into adults and to focus back on their root, Snehapoorvam Scholarship was established to help children financially and also give them hope for a better future.

Eligibility Requirements / Benefits of Snehapoorvam Scholarship

The eligibility requirements are listed here for orphans, and if you are a guardian / only parent of your child, I think that you can apply for them if they are too young to apply for themselves. The application requirements are pretty straightforward, and the benefits are given out as monthly stipends. Without further ado, let’s get straight into our list of eligibility requirements for the Snehapoorvam Scholarship.

  • Be a Children Who Have Lost Either One or Both Parents
  • Be a Student From First Standard to Degree Classes
  • Children Below 5 Years Old Can Also Apply
  • Be a Children Belonging to BPL Category*
  • For Children Belonging to APL Category, Annual Income Should Be Below Rs. 20,000 for Rural Areas (Local Body / Grama Panchayat) and Below Rs. 22,375 for Urban Areas (Corporation / Municipality)

*BPL means Below Poverty Line while APL means Above Poverty Line.

Children Below 5 Years Old/Class I to VClass VI to XClass XI to XIIDegree Courses/Professional Degree
Rs. 300 Per MonthRs. 500 Per MonthRs. 750 Per MonthRs. 1000 Per Month

If you do want to apply for Snehapoorvan Scholarship, you can check out the specific details regarding this scholarship and also look at the application form required to apply for this scholarship. As always, good luck to you, and stay safe. Don’t forget to visit our homepage from time to time since our site is updated daily!

To Look at Specific Details, Click Here. For the Application Form, Click Here.