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BEEF Scholarships (2021)

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Starting with a short introduction, the BEEF Scholarship is for students who are involved in livestock activities. The acronym BEEF stands for BeefMaster Educational Endowment Foundation, and it offers several scholarships to prospective students.

Unlike other scholarship programs, the BeefMaster Foundation does not offer high-value scholarships, but it offers a few small scholarships that value around $1,000 to $1,500. Don’t let the scholarship amount discourage you from applying because small amounts can go long ways!

Yes, you are going to apply for other scholarships, but a small scholarship like this one can be used for personal expenses such as buying books or eating out. Make sure you read the eligibility requirements, and if you are eligible, please apply since the application procedure is not that complicated.

Benefits / Eligibility Requirements of BEEF Scholarships

From the last year that I have checked, the BeefMaster Foundation offers two $1,500 scholarships and two $1,000 scholarships, and this scholarship is for graduating high school seniors, and for students currently enrolled in a Junior College or a four-year University.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • Be Actively Involved in Livestock Activities
  • Be Either JBBA and/or BBU Member*

*JBBA stands for Junior BeefMaster Breeders Association, and BBU stands for BeefMaster Breeders United.

If you do meet the eligibility requirements, then you have one step left, and that is filling out the BEEF Scholarship Application. In short, you have to fill out your personal information, a little bit of financial information, and extracurricular information as well. Also, there is a small essay about livestock activities, so don’t worry too much!

For BEEF Scholarship Application, Click Here!

Conclusion: More for You!

For students who are looking for scholarships related to livestock activities, you still have additional options that are available for you. For example, the Center for Beef Excellence offers many scholarships to prospective students. If you are interested in more scholarships, please visit the Homepage for Center for Beef Excellence.

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