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42 Full-Tuition Scholarships for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

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In this post, we will be covering over 40 full-tuition scholarships that are open to US Citizens and Permanent Residents. After a while, the intro to each scholarship will become repetitive, so take a look at this list and try to find which scholarship that you want to apply for.

Before we jump straight in, I’ll be covering some questions that are asked by prospective applicants who are applying for full-tuition scholarships. After answering these questions, we can dive into our list of 38 full-tuition scholarships for US Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Can Students With Green Card Apply for Scholarships?

Yes, they can! If you have a green card, then you will either fall into the category of US Citizens or Permanent Residents. In this case, you typically have an advantage over international students since you are eligible for more scholarships.

For an international student, he cannot apply to scholarships that are just for US Citizens / Permanent Residents (PR). However, students with a green card can apply for scholarships that are open to international applicants and for awards that are open to US Citizens and PR.

Do You Have To Be a US Citizen to Apply for Scholarships?

No, you do not! Universities in the United States offer equal opportunity to its citizens and as well as to students from overseas. Even though you might be eligible for some scholarships, international applicants can still apply to many scholarships in the US.

If you are an international applicant (not from the US), you might be interested in this post called 38 Full-Tuition Scholarships for International Students.

Do You Have to Be From the US to Apply for Financial Aid?

Sometimes. If you want to apply for federal aid, you have to be either US Citizen or Permanent Resident, and if you are an international applicant, you cannot receive aid from the government since nationality is a basic requirement of any federal award.

On the other hand, international applicants can still apply for scholarships from many universities in the United States. Make sure to apply for as many scholarships as possible since international students cannot receive aid from the US Government.

Full Tuition Scholarships for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

Without further ado, let’s get straight into our full-tuition scholarships for Permanent Residents and Citizens of the United States. Make sure to take notes since it might get a little complicated!

1. John B. Ervin Scholar Program

This full-tuition scholarship program is offered based on academic excellence, leadership, community service, and diversity. In addition to full-tuition awards, applicants can also receive partial-tuition scholarships.

To be eligible, you need to apply for Washington University Admissions and submit a separate scholarship application for the John B. Ervin Scholar Program. Take note of the application deadline if you are interested!

2. Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship

To maximize their student’s potential, the University of Miami has established this scholarship program to ease the financial burden of its prospective students while preparing them for a successful career.

If you want to be considered for this scholarship, you need to apply as early as you can (Early Decision I or Early Action) since the Hammond Scholarship Committee needs time to evaluate the quality of each applicant.

3. Nordenberg Scholars Program

Being a highly selective scholarship, Nordenberg Scholars Program only awards students with Pennsylvania residency. If you don’t meet this requirement, then you cannot apply for this scholarship program.

If you do, then you can be eligible by applying for Pittsburgh Admissions and also submitting a separate scholarship application for Nordenberg Program. Make sure to do it as early as possible!

4. Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks Endowed Scholarship

Also offered by University of Miami, Weeks Endowed Scholarship is a prestigious award that is only given to top applicants. Being one of UM’s premier scholarships, this award is based on academic achievements.

The application process for this scholarship is pretty simple since you just have to submit the UM Admissions Application. If you do just that, you will be automatically considered for this scholarship program.

5. Morrill Scholarship Program

Trying to find students who will contribute to the campus diversity, Morrill Scholarship Program is established by Ohio State University to lift the financial burden of its talented applicants.

To be considered, you have to apply early (November), and you need to submit your admissions application with your scholarship essay. Take note of the opening date to be the first one to apply for this scholarship!

Conclusion: Additional 38?

Thus far, we have only covered only 5 full-tuition scholarships for US Citizens and Permanent Residents, and you might be asking, “Where are the other 38 full-tuition scholarships?” The answer is waiting for you in the next section!

The remaining awards are covered in a post called 38 Full Tuition Scholarships in United States for International Students. Even though it was written was international students, this post also applies to you as well since all these scholarships are open to US Citizens and Permanent Residents.