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38 Full Tuition Scholarships in United States for International Students

Scholarships in United States

Being a popular place of destination, the country of United States has been known as the land of freedom and opportunities. Certainly, that is the case for all applicants, but you need to put in some work beforehand.

The full-tuition scholarships for international students can provide great opportunities for you, but you need to pass the scholarship criteria and fill out the scholarship application before the deadline is over!

What Is the Highest Award Given to Talented Applicants?

The most prestigious award that can be given to any applicant is a full-ride scholarship. Unlike the full-tuition scholarship which only covers tuition, full-ride scholarships cover all the areas of educational cost.

The benefits of a full-ride scholarship normally cover full tuition, room & board, mandatory fees, and a stipend for summer programs. In addition, you can get a stipend for books, laptops, and other expenses.

Which US Universities Give Full Tuition Scholarships?

There are countless universities that offer full-tuition scholarships for international students. To list a few, universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton all offer full-tuition scholarships to internationals.

If you are really set on scholarship applications, you need to first focus on full-ride scholarships since they cover all the cost instead of full-tuition scholarship which only partially covers your educational fees.

Full Tuition Scholarships in United States for Internationals

There is a total of 38 full-tuition scholarships available in the United States for international students. Make sure to read the scholarship requirements before continuing on to your scholarship application!

1. Ingrams Scholar Program

Focused on three key qualities (Character, Leadership, Service), the Ingram Scholars are part of the leadership program that takes part in many volunteer work that impacts both domestic and international concerns.

In addition to its financial benefits, this scholarship program offers a challenging curriculum and rigorous academic routine that encourage each scholarship recipient to reach his maximum potential.

2. Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship

Similar to the Ingrams Scholar Program, this full-tuition scholarship was established to strengthen the existing Vanderbilt scholarships, and this program was established to honor the founder of Vanderbilt University.

Named after Cornelius Vanderbilt, this program offers great opportunities for talented students with financial need. For students who need more, their needs will be covered with an increased scholarship amount!

3. Annika Rodriguez Scholar Program

Awarding students with exceptional talent, the Annika Rodriguez Scholarship is awarded to applicants who demonstrate leadership, academic excellence, and involvement in community service.

Awarded to diverse groups of students, this scholarship program is a great way to connect with people that can help you down the road. Make connections with your professor and take advantage of it!

4. Danforth Scholars Program

Being a highly competitive scholarship, Danforth Scholars are chosen based on academic merit and personal character. Established in 1995, this program is awarded to students that like to serve others.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, each Finalist needs to come to an on-campus interview to compete for this scholarship. Only applicants that participate on-campus will be considered for this scholarship program.

5. Mork Family Scholarship

Supported by Julie and John Mork, the Mork Family Scholarships were established in 2011 due to a gift that amounted to $110 million, which approximately equals $130 million!

Due to this family’s generosity, many students have enjoyed their college years without having to worry about their college bills, and you can too if you apply before the application deadline.

6. USC Trustee Scholarship

Open to all incoming freshmen to USC, the Trustee Scholarship Program offers full-tuition benefits to eligible students who participated in an on-campus interview at the scholarship weekend.

To be considered for this scholarship, you need to apply for the University of Southern California Admissions, and the application submission should be as early as possible!

7. Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

Offering confidence even to the most discouraged, Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program is one of the many full-tuition scholarships in the United States that are open to international students.

In order to be considered for this scholarship, you need to apply early for the Boston College Admissions. There is no need for a separate scholarship application since all applicants will be automatically considered.

8. BU Trustee Scholarship

  • Available Spots20
  • Value – Full Tuition / Mandatory Fees
  • Source – Boston University

Given to students with exceptional academic achievements, the Trustee Scholarship by Boston University is a merit-based award that can be renewed over and over again for four years.

To qualify for this scholarship, you need to apply for Boston University through Common Application, and during the application process, you also need to submit a Trustee Scholarship Essay.

(9~12) Tulane Full-Tuition Scholarships

By clicking on the source link above, you will lead to a page that contains all the scholarships offered by Tulane University. Scroll down to a section called full-tuition scholarships to view the four listed awards.

If you want to be considered for these full-tuition scholarships, be sure to apply for Tulane Admissions before the application deadline, and don’t forget to submit a separate scholarship application!

13. Ann P. Neupauer Scholarship

Open to any applicants, the Ann P. Neupauer Scholarship is the most prestigious award among Stevens Sholarship. Awarded to top applicants, this full-tuition scholarship is also open to international students!

To be eligible, you just need to submit the admissions application and wait. All admitted students of Stevens Institute will be automatically considered for this prestigious scholarship award.

14. Stevenson University Presidential Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded to applicants that display leadership, potential, and character. To financially support these students, Stevenson University has established this full-tuition scholarship on their behalf.

In order to be considered, you need to finish the admissions application, submit an essay, and go through an interview. After completing all these steps, you will be eligible to compete for this scholarship.

15. St. Lawrence Trustee Scholarship

St. Lawrence Trustee Scholarship is also one of many full-tuition scholarships in the United States that are offered to international applicants who are applying for an undergraduate program.

Being a part of the St. Lawrence merit program, the Trustee Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship that requires no scholarship application. If you apply for admissions, you will be automatically considered for this award.

16. Coronat Scholars Program

  • Available SpotsVaries
  • Value – Full Tuition, Summer Stipend, Study Stipend
  • Source – Syracuse University

Awarded to top applicants in academic excellence, Coronat Scholars Program offers full tuition, and in addition, they also offer full funding for international study (one semester) and a stipend for summer projects.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to do exceptionally well in academics and participate in extracurricular activities. Make sure to submit your admissions application on time!

17. Issac Bashevis Singer Program

Being one of the most prestigious scholarships offered in UM, Issac Bashevis Singer Program was named after a lecturer at the University of Miami who won a Nobel Prize for his books.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to apply early to the University of Miami Admissions. How early? You need to fill out your form during Early Decision I or Early Action in order to be considered.

(18~20) Carthage College Full-Tuition Scholarships

You can be eligible for all three of the Carthage College Full-Tuition Scholarships by applying for Carthage College Admissions. Be sure to check the application deadline before it is too late!

The application process can be somewhat complicated, but you need to complete all these steps: admissions application, separate scholarship application, essay, and a list of your participated activities.

21. Miami University Merit Scholarships

Offered to incoming undergraduates, Miami University offers a great incentive standard for its scholarships. The scholarship amount increases with your GPA, which means high grades equal large money.

Strictly based on your GPA, you just need to complete the admissions application for Miami University. All applicants that submit the admissions application will be automatically considered.

22. MSU Full-Tuition Scholarship

To award its top applicants, Michigan State holds a scholarship competition for its prospective students. The runner-ups to this competition will be selected to be the scholarship recipients of a full-tuition award.

Based on the admissions application, the scholarship committee will select the applicants with the highest grade point average, standardized test scores, class ranks, and other similar criteria.

23. BSC Distinguished Scholars Award

After clicking on the link above, you can select the portion called BSC Scholarship for Incoming Students. Then, scroll down to see the related information for the Distinguished Scholars Award.

To be considered for this scholarship, you will be required to submit the admissions application to Birmingham Southern College. For the final round, you need to participate in an interview on-campus!

24. James B. Duke Scholarship

Being the most prestigious academic award at Furman University, James B. Duke Scholarship offers great financial benefits to talented applicants that are in need of financial support.

Among the incoming student body, the top 1 to 2 percent will be selected as scholarship recipients of this full-tuition award. You can eligible for this scholarship by completing the admissions application to Furman.

(25~28) Hendrix College Full-Tuition Scholarships

  • Available SpotsVaries
  • Value – Full-Tuition ~ Full-Ride
  • Source – Hendrix College

Due to its high financial benefits, the scholarships by Hendrix College are very competitive and extremely hard to get. You need to complete the steps down below to get a chance of receiving this scholarship.

To be considered, you need to apply early for Hendrix College Admissions, and the scholarship committee will select the scholarship finalists based on the quality of their admissions application.

(29~30) Oglethorpe University Full-Tuition Scholarships

Offering many opportunities, Oglethorpe University offers four different categories that contain 9 full-tuition scholarships in the United States for international students.

Even though there are many submissions that need to be made during the scholarship competition, you just need to complete the admissions application to pass the qualifying stage.

31. SMU President’s Scholar Program

Even though it says full tuition and fees, I am not sure that this scholarship program is a full-ride scholarship. If you want to double-check, be sure to contact the SMU Office of Financial Aid.

To be considered for this scholarship, you need to meet the minimum academic requirement set by the SMU Scholarship Committee and also submit your admissions application!

32. TCU Chancellor’s Scholar Program

Given only to the most accomplished applicants, Chancellor’s Scholarship is a full-tuition award that is awarded to top incoming freshmen at Texas Christian University.

To be eligible for this award, you need to submit the admissions application, and the scholarship finalists will be invited on-campus for an interview. After the final round, the scholarship recipients will be notified!

33. UA Academic Elite Scholarship

  • Available Spots8
  • Value – Full Tuition, Housing Stipend, Book Stipend, $8,500 Stipend
  • Source – University of Alabama

The housing stipend only applies for one year only, and you will receive a $500 stipend per year for books. In addition, the top academic elite scholar will receive an additional stipend for personal uses.

If you want to be considered for this scholarship, you need to complete the admissions application, Honors College application, and also University Fellows Application (All listed in the link above).

34. Ramsey Honors Scholarship

  • Available Spots9
  • Value – Full Tuition, Housing Stipend, Travel Stipend
  • Source – University of Georgia

Offered through the University of Georgia’s Honors Program, Ramsey Honors Program is a great opportunity for scholars to interact with their mentors and build connections with their friends.

The selection process is very simple. Just apply for University of Georgia Admissions and wait for a letter. If that letter invites you to an on-campus interview for scholarships, you are halfway there!

35. Otis A. Singletary Scholarship

Offered only to incoming freshmen, University of Kentucky merit-based scholarships are selective, highly competitive, and renewable for all four years of your undergraduate career.

To be considered for Singletary Scholarship, you need to apply for UK Admissions. Applying early can be a great advantage to many applicants due to limited funding!

36. Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship

  • Available Spots5
  • Value – Full Tuition, $2,000 Stipend
  • Source – Lewis & Clark

Being the most prestigious award at Lewis & Clark, the Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship is one of many full-tuition scholarships in the United States for international students.

To be eligible, you need to complete the admissions application to Lewis & Clark and sit back / wait for your results. Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity!

37. LMU Arrupe Scholarships

To promote education, Loyola Marymount University has established the Arrupe Scholarship Program to help out talented but financially needy students and even international applicants as well.

To be considered, just apply for LMU Admissions, and all eligible applicants will be automatically considered by the Scholarship Committee of Loyola Marymount University!

38. University of Hawaii Regent’s Scholarship

  • Available Spots20
  • Value – Full Tuition, Annual Stipend, Travel Grant
  • Source – University of Hawaii

Offered only to Hawaii Residents, the Regent’s Scholarship by the University of Hawaii is one of many full-tuition scholarships in the United States for international students!

To be eligible, apply for the University of Hawaii Admissions, and also submit a separate scholarship application. Make sure to apply before the application deadline to be considered for this prestigious award!

Conclusion: Even More?

For more information regarding this category, you can visit our post called 12 Full-Ride Scholarships for International Applicants, and I hope that this information was helpful to you!

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