USA Basketball Scholarship

USA Basketball Scholarships (2021)

Even from a young age, many students aspire to be a professional basketball player in the NBA (National Basketball Association). It’s not just students from United States, but it’s a dream even for international students. Being famous, playing basketball, and earning bucket loads of money might be your dream life, but let’s get the foundation […]

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Greek American Scholarships

Greek American Scholarships (2021)

Yes, there are many scholarships offered to Greek Americans, but Pan Hellenic Scholarship Foundation is a place to go to when you are searching for great scholarships concerning undergraduate students of Hellenes descent. PanHellenic Scholarship Awards will be given to prospective students with outstanding achievements and financial need. PanHellenic Scholarship Awards Also known as Greek […]

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Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship

Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship (2021)

Similar to Burger King Scholarships, the Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship gives out $1000 awards to prospective students, and their primary recipients are graduating high school students. In order to help high school seniors with their college education, the US JCI (Junior Chamber International) Senate Foundation established this scholarship program to give a hand to prospective […]

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Burger King Scholarships

Burger King Scholarships (2021)

In order to help students with their college expenses, the Burger King McLamore Foundation awards a variety of scholarships to prospective students. Regardless of nationality, these scholarships are awarded to both US Citizens and international students. There are many scholarship programs offered by the Burger King Foundation, and some were established to encourage literacy and […]

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