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Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship (2021)

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To provide better opportunities for its residents, the Government of Kerala has established a scholarship foundation called KSWCFC. Standing for Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities, KSWCFC currently offers various scholarship schemes and programs for prospective applicants. Among those many scholarships, I will be covering a specific type called Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship, and this type of scholarship ranges to all levels of education so be sure to make note of your application level. Before we cover the eligibility requirements, I will quickly show you the levels of education that you can choose from and also the scholarship benefit that comes along with it.

Level of EducationAnnual StipendNumber of Recipients
High School LevelRs. 200020000
Higher Secondary LevelRs. 300014000
Graduation (Non-Professional)Rs. 50003500
Diploma / CertificateRs. 60001000
Post Graduation (Non-Professional)Rs. 60001667
Graduation (Professional)Rs. 70002500
Post Graduation (Professional)Rs. 80001250
CA / ICWA / CSRs. 10000100
National InstituteRs. 50000120

The graph above shows the results from 2015 – 2016, so it might not be up to date, and the official source came from this link.

Application Requirements / Special Awards

By looking at the different levels of education, you might have a quick question about the difference between non-professional and professional. Non-professional refers to graduate schools where you can get your masters or Ph.D. while professional refers to specialized schools such as law school or business school. Since specialized schools such as a law school cost way more than a normal graduate school, you are awarded a higher amount for professional courses than the scholarship amount for non-professional courses. If you don’t have any further questions, let’s get straight into our eligibility requirement for the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship.

  • Be From Non-Reservation Forward Community
  • Be a Resident of Kerala
  • Family’s Total Income Should Be Less Than 2 Lakhs
  • Have a Bank Account in Any Recognised Bank
  • Apply Through An Online Portal

Same as previous posts, I will quickly cover the important aspect of each requirement since you might have some additional questions. Being from the non-reservation forward community and also being a resident of Kerala is pretty straightforward, and these requirements also imply that you need to be in India as well (1,2). Also, there is a financial requirement as well since this scholarship is awarded to students with financial need (3). Since the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship Committee awards applicants directly, the bank account is needed since the scholarship money goes straight into your account (4). The only way that you can apply for the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship is through an online portal, so if you want to apply, you need to log in to that portal in order to get this scholarship (5).

Conclusion: Quick Summary

Before this post comes to a close, I will end with a quick overview of the Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship. The table above shows the scholarship amount for each level of education, and it also lists the number of awards that each scholarship cover. Next, we covered the requirements for each scholarship, and I have also added perks related to it. Last but not least, you can apply online using this link, and you can find additional information about Vidya Samunnathi Scholarship in this link. As always, good luck with your application, and do your best!

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