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Maulana Azad Scholarship (2021)

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Scholarships that we have covered before were awarded to only individuals who deserved it by basing the requirements of academic merit and financial need; however, the scholarship that we are covering today is awarded to whole groups of people since Maulana Scholarship was established to build basic educational infrastructures for backward minorities. In short, one person can’t apply for this scholarship since Maulana Scholarship is designated for a group of people. Applicants who are eligible for this scholarship must be a Trust or a Society of some sort in order to apply, and your group should be established for the good of your local community since you are asking for educational opportunities by applying for this scholarship.

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Eligibility Requirements for Maulana Scholarship

As previously mentioned, the application requirements are for Society / Trust, and your group must meet all the eligibility requirements down below in order to be considered for this scholarship. Since Maulana Scholarship provides enough funding to build several academic facilities, you shouldn’t take this opportunity lightly. Due to its huge amount of funding, I used a similar wording from the official source so that you don’t get confused with synonymous terms.

  • Be Registered Under the Societies Registration Act / Indian Trust Act for At Least Three Years
  • Be Registered on NGD-D ARPAN of NITI Aayog Portal
  • Must Have Properly Constituted Managing Committee
  • Must Have Proper Audit Reports for the Last Three Years*
  • Be in a Position to Receive Involvement of Knowledge-Able Persons for Future Help
  • Should Not Be Run for Profit of Any Individual / Family, and Should Not Be Controlled by a Group of Individuals / Family
  • Should Promote Communal Harmony and Social Unity
  • Should Have at Least 500 Sq. Yard (In Urban / Semi-Urban Areas) or at Least Half Acre (In Rural Areas) in Its Name or on Lease
  • Should Be Ready to Invest at Least 15% of the Total Cost
  • Should Not Be Taking a Loan (If Necessary, Obtain Permission First)
  • Institutions That Are Requesting Help Must Be in Existence and Recognized / Affiliated to the Concerned State / Central Board / Council / University
  • Institutions That Are Requesting Help Must Have 25% or More Students From Educationally Backward Minorities / Target Group
  • If Requesting to Build a Hostel, the Institution Should Be Recognized at Least Up to 12th Standard and 10 Standard for the North Eastern States and Jammu & Kashmir
  • If Receiving Funds Under FCRA, the Society / Trust Should Inform About the Incoming Funds
  • Institutions Recognized by Madarsa Boards or Running as Study / Examination Center of NCPUL, NIOS, MANNU etc. Are Not Eligible for Maulana Scholarship

*Shown through your balance sheet, receipt payment, and income-expenditure statements that you have carried out educational activities.

After saying that huge mouthful, you might be overwhelmed with all these requirements that are posted by MAEF (Maulana Azad Education Foundation). Please make note that you need to meet each and every eligibility requirement since Maulana Scholarship will cover the needed funds to construct additional academic buildings for your institution. Make sure that you do your part by serving your people faithfully, and if you want to apply for this scholarship, go ahead by clicking on the link down below. The Maulana Scholarship that we have specifically looked at is called the Grant-in-Aid Scheme.

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