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6 Fully Funded Scholarships in United Kingdom for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in United Kingdom

Famous for its royal families and top-hatted gentlemen, this country has been influencing the world for centuries even though it is isolated on a small island. The United Kingdom has spread the popularity of the British accent and even accentuated the importance of tea among many countries.

Due to its many structures such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the UK has become a popular attraction for many tourists. Proving an ideal spot for prospective students, this country also offers several fully funded scholarships in United Kingdom for international students!

Can International Students Receive Fully Funded Scholarships in the United Kingdom?

The answer is yes. International students who are not from the United Kingdom are eligible for full-ride scholarships in UK institutions. Mind you, the universities that are offering these scholarships are not some unknown college in the middle of nowhere because you have heard of them before.

Universities that are offering fully funded scholarships are highly renowned and very popular among academic institutions due to their prestigious programs. Be sure to check out their specific names in the list down below!

How Many Universities in United Kingdom Award Full-Ride Scholarships?

A total of 4 UK institutions offer full-ride scholarships for international students, and they are Oxford University, Warwick University, University of Nottingham, and Cambridge University. All of these institutions are top-ranking universities in the United Kingdom and even around the world!

Due to their academic prestige, it is a given that many applications will be submitted for each scholarship program, so expect fierce competition! Make your application stand out, and don’t be like everyone else. Be sure to take advantage of this information and please apply as early as you can.

What Are the Minimum Requirements to Receive a Fully Funded Scholarship in UK?

All of the scholarships listed down below are for prospective graduate applicants, which means that high school graduates are not eligible to apply for these scholarships. The minimum academic requirements are at least a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s degree shows the completion or near completion of your undergraduate career, and it will provide proof of your academic progress. The fully-funded scholarships listed down below will help you as you try to get a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. certificate.

Fully Funded Scholarships in United Kingdom for International Students

Before we actually get into our list of full-ride scholarships in United Kingdom for international applicants, I’m going to give you a tip about the weather in the UK. The weather there is quite nasty, and it tends to rain a lot, so be prepared to take your raincoat along with you!

1. Skoll Scholarship for MBA Programs

  • Source – Oxford Business School
  • Educational Level – Master of Business Administration
  • Benefits – Full Tuition, Living Stipend

For many international students, completing their MBA might be a financial burden that might last for a long time. To prevent such an event from taking place, Oxford Business School has established its first fully funded scholarship in United Kingdom for international students.

This scholarship program will cover the total cost related to this academic program, and it also gives you a living stipend for personal use. This living stipend will cover the cost related to accommodation, food, and transportation, so please apply for this scholarship if you are interested!

  • Open to All Students!

After stating the scholarship benefits, you are probably wondering about the application process, so here it is. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you have to meet the eligibility requirements stated by Oxford Scholarship Committee.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, then apply for this full-ride scholarship by following this application procedure listed here. Make sure to follow the application procedure step-by-step since the application will be disqualified from selection if they do not follow the application procedure.

2. Chancellor’s International Scholarship

  • Source – Warwick Doctoral College
  • Educational Level – Ph.D. Programs
  • Benefits – Full Tuition, Maintenance Stipend, Research Stipend

Open to international students, Chancellor’s International Scholarship is only awarded to top applicants among their pool of prospective applicants. The financial benefits of this scholarship are numerous since it basically covers the total cost of attending this institution.

This financial coverage only covers your tuition and room & board, which means that you have to pay for transportation and visa-related fees. Make sure to arrange funds for your airplane ticket to and from your country, and take an extra for personal expenses within the United Kingdom.

  • Ph.D. Programs – Almost Always Fully-Funded

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to be also applying for a doctoral program offered by the University of Warwick, and you can choose any program that they have decided to offer. Make sure to check the eligibility requirements before going on to the application process.

In addition to the scholarship benefits and the eligibility requirements, you have to keep in mind the application deadline. Take note of the opening dates and the closing dates to mark them in your calendar. Apply as early as you can to gain an edge over your competitors!

3. Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships in Digital Economy

  • Source – University of Nottingham
  • Educational Level – Ph.D. Program in Digital Economy
  • Benefits – Fully Funded Academic Program, Stipend

To be more specific, this doctoral program accepts students from varying backgrounds such as computer science, engineering, mathematics, human factors, psychology, sociology, business, geography, social science, and the arts.

This is a full Ph.D. course in Digital Economy, which was established to create methods and innovate technology that will aid various consumers and producers. To help the students out, the University of Nottingham has also brought in numerous researchers from various fields.

  • Full-Ride Academic Program With Benefits

Regarding the financial side of the matter, the total cost regarding this doctoral program will be covered by the University of Nottingham. In addition, you will be given an annual stipend that you can spend to enhance your stay in the United Kingdom.

Last but not least, you will be given the opportunity to work with a group of researchers and equipped with the finest tools. The research environment at the University of Nottingham is one of the top facilities in the UK and is probably picked as among the best research centers in the world.

4. Clarendon Funds for Graduate Programs

  • Source – Oxford University
  • Educational Level – Masters and Ph.D. Programs
  • Benefits – Full Tuition, Living Stipend

Established by Oxford, this scholarship program is open to all applicants regardless of their personal backgrounds. The academic requirement will vary depending on whether you will be applying for a Master’s program or a doctoral program.

Each scholarship recipient will be selected based on the criteria set by the Oxford Scholarship Committee. This financial award is the fourth one among our fully funded scholarships in the United Kingdom for international students, so take notes accordingly!

  • Very Easy Application Process (Just Apply for Admissions)

If you apply for a graduate program at Oxford University, you will be automatically considered for Clarendon Funds, so please apply if you are interested in getting this scholarship. Please note that this scholarship is offered to full-time applicants and also to part-time applicants.

The financial part of this scholarship is pretty straight-forward since this scholarship covers the school bills and the living fees for the duration of your academic period. Please remember that you need to pay for your own airplane tickets, insurance, and other related expenses.

5. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

As long as you are a citizen of any other country than United Kingdom, you are welcome to apply for this scholarship. Make sure to read over the eligibility critieria set by University of Cambridge before proceeding with the application process.

Due to several exceptions with the ongoing academic programs, be sure to read the link attached to the educational level in the section above. Due to its strict requirement, some courses are open for application while some courses are not eligible for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

  • Covers All the Aspect of Financial Costs

When regarding the financial aspect of this scholarship, you probably have to spend very close to none if you do get this scholarship. Your school bills are covered by the University of Cambridge, and you also get a generous maintenance stipend for your living expenses.

In addition, the traveling stipend covers your airplane tickets to and from your country, and the seats purchased should be in the economy section. Last but not least, any fees regarding your visa will be covered, and your health insurance is also guaranteed by this academic institution.

6. Chevening Scholarships for Master’s Program

  • Source – British Government
  • Educational Level – Master’s Program
  • Benefits – Full Tuition, Living Stipend, Travelling Coverage

Open to any Master’s program, this scholarship is not limited to just one college, but for any university in the United Kingdom. Funded by the British Government, this scholarship program provides full-ride benefits to prospective graduate students.

Before you get in too deep, please read the eligibility criteria listed by the Chevening Scholarship Committee. As stated on its homepage, all ineligible applications will be rejected from the very start, so please read each requirement carefully before proceeding to the application process.

  • Chevening Scholarship – British Government Scholarship

Since you can’t be distracted during your studies, Chevening Scholarship has decided to cover the entirety of the financial cost through this scholarship program. Your total cost of attendance is covered through full tuition coverage and a living stipend that will cover the room & board.

All the expenses regarding international travel will be covered by the traveling stipend, which means that your ticket fares will be refunded in full as long as you have an electronic recipient to support your statement.

Conclusion: Apply to Your Advantage

Due to its high number of scholarship applications, fully funded scholarships are hard to get for many international students. Even though there might be fierce competition, still apply for each scholarship since you don’t know what lies ahead.

Apply for every scholarship that you are eligible for since that is the best way to earn scholarships. Prepare your application, get your application submitted on time, and start researching for more scholarships that you can apply for!

As always, thank you for reading our post called fully funded scholarships in United Kingdom for international students, and please bookmark our homepage for the latest updates! For this type of information, be sure to visit our Category called Scholarships in United Kingdom.

Before we end, take advantage of this information that I have written for you guys, and please apply for this scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria. If the application is closed, mark the previous opening dates and check the website again during that period.