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NEC Scholarships (2021)

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NEC Scholarships are offered by one of the highest institutions of music, and New England Conservatory is very popular due to its distinguished musical faculty and its high standard. The NEC believes that music has many benefits for the whole society and also for the students as individuals.

Not only encouraging students in music, the teachers at New England Conservatory encourages students to develop their own unique personalities during their stay at NEC. This institution is a independent, non-profit music school that is known all around the world.

Offering many programs covering the area of music, NEC has available courses from undergraduates all the way up to post graduate studies. Before we get too deep into the perks on NEC, let’s get on with the scholarships offered by New England Conservatory.

Types of NEC Scholarships

For people who might not know this information, grants are like scholarships, and you don’t have to pay the money back if you do receive the grant. Make sure to read each eligibility requirements carefully since they are an important factor of every scholarship!

1. Scholarships for Incoming Students

Committed to its mission, New England Conservatory wants to give every talented student a chance to study in its institution. Due to their commitment, the NEC offers many prestigious scholarships to its incoming students, and several scholarships are either full-ride or full-tuition.

A. NEC Scholarship

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the student must have talent, merit, and financial need. To show talent, the student must attend a live audition session, and to show merit, the student must show that in his admissions application. For financial needs, there is a difference between international applicants and US Citizens / Permanent Residents.

Eligibility Requirements (Just for Emphasis):

  1. Show Talent Through a Live Audition
  2. Demonstrated Merit Through the Admissions Application
  3. Have a Financial Need

For international applicants, you just have to fill out an additional section in your admissions application; however, for US Citizens and Permanent Residents, you need to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

You might have a question concerning the live audition, and you should! If you are serious about attending NEC and you really want a scholarship, you should definitely check out the specific details concerning the live audition since the majority of the applicants have to perform.

For NEC Live Auditions, Click Here.

B. NEC From the Top Scholarship

For students who recognized the program called From the Top, then this scholarship might be the one for you! To honor its partnership with the From the Top program, NEC offers funding to its incoming students who have performed in this program and have been admitted to New England Conservatory.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Have Performed in From the Top Program
  2. Have Been Accepted into NEC

Scholarship Value: $7,500 Per Year and Higher

The $7,500 per year is the minimum funding that NEC offers, but for prospective applicants, they might offer a higher amount. So make sure you do well in your field and strive toward excellence!

C. Tourjée Scholarship

Offered by NEC Alumni Council, the Tourjée Scholarship is for students who are striving for a graduate degree after the completion of their undergraduate degree. To encourage students to get a graduate degree, NEC offers funding to students who are returning to NEC for their graduate studies.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be a Graduating Undergraduate Student at NEC
  2. Be Planning to Attend NEC for Graduate Studies
  3. Show Outstanding Musicianship, Scholarship, and Enterprise
  4. Have Great Potential as a Musician

Scholarship Value: First-Year Full Tuition

If you really plan on getting your undergraduate degree and your graduate degree, this scholarship is an ideal option. Make sure you apply to get into NEC Undergraduate Admissions, do well in your studies, and excel in them! Then, you can apply and receive financial aid during your first graduate year.

For Incoming Student’s Scholarships, Click Here.

2. Scholarships for Current Students

For NEC current students, you can also apply for NEC Scholarship and still be eligible to receive an award, but you have to be a recipient of NEC Scholarship during your freshman year. If you did receive the NEC Scholarship, you can reapply during your four years of undergraduate studies.

A. Beneficent Society Scholarship

In addition to NEC Scholarship, current students can apply for the Beneficent Society Scholarship, and this type of scholarship is funded by private sources. Specific details are probably listed for current students, and they are unavailable to incoming freshmen students.

You should ask for specific details concerning the Beneficent Society Scholarship after you have been admitted into New England Conservatory. Since it is funded by private sources, the award amount will probably be greater, and the eligibility requirements more difficult.

B. Tan Family Education Foundation Grant

Known as the TFEF, the Tan Family Education Foundation wants to award small number of grants to cover the living expenses of NEC students. To be eligible for this award, please look at the eligibility requirements down below.

  1. Enrolled Full-Time in NEC Degree Program
  2. Be a Citizen of Any Asian Country
  3. Have Demonstrated Financial Need
  4. Show Artistic Excellence in Music

Scholarship Value: Coverage of Personal Living Expenses

Please check the application status of each scholarship since they may be closed or open. For information concerning the current scholarships, the link will be included down below. The specific award amount wasn’t listed, but every small bit counts!

For Current Student’s Scholarships, Click Here.

Conclusion: More Financial Awards~

In addition to the scholarships offered by NEC, there are additional financial awards such as federal grants, state grants, and outside scholarships. If you are interested in these financial awards, they will be listed underneath the scholarships for incoming students and for current students.

I hope you have found what you are looking for, and good luck on your search!

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