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5 Fully Funded Scholarships in Japan for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Japan

Famous for its seafood cuisine and its unique culture, Japan has been a popular destination spot for many tourists around the around. Due to its popularity among international students, I have decided to put together this list of fully-funded scholarships in Japan for international students.

This list of full-ride scholarships ranges from undergraduate to Ph.D. degrees, so don’t fret too much about not making the eligibility criteria. But before we jump straight in, let’s cover some popular questions that are asked by many international applicants.

What Kind of Scholarship Can I Get in Japan?

Similar to what you get in other countries. In Japan, you can get a partial scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship, or a full-ride scholarship. This range of scholarships is offered by different academic institutions and various organizations from private companies to the national government.

If you really want to go to Japan to receive an education and to start a brand new career, then I’m going to recommend that you try to get one of the fully funded scholarships in Japan for international students! Make sure to check the list down below for specific details.

Can I Apply for MEXT Scholarship?

The answer is maybe. If a Japanese embassy is located in your country, you probably have a chance to apply for the MEXT Scholarship, which is an acronym for the Japanese Government Scholarship. If you fulfill these criteria, then check your Japanese embassy’s website!

On the announcement page of that website, you will probably see the bulletin made by MEXT Scholarship Committee. In that announcement, it will tell you whether or not your country has been selected to participate in the MEXT Scholarship Program.

Which Universities in Japan Offer Full Ride Scholarships for International Students?

Kyoto University, University of Tokyo, United Nations University, and International Christian University offer fully funded scholarships for international students, but that is not all since we didn’t count the awards given by the Japanese Government.

In addition to the four full-ride scholarships, we also have the MEXT Scholarship Program, which is also established for international students. Take advantage of this information and use it wisely since these scholarships have a short application deadline!

Fully Funded Scholarships in Japan for International Students

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into our list that contains five different full-ride scholarships in Japan for international students. Make sure to read each section carefully, and please apply to every scholarship that you are eligible for!

1. Asian Future Leadership Program (Kyoto University)

  • Source – Kyoto University
  • Educational Level – Master’s Degree
  • Benefits – Tuition Fee, Monthly Stipend, Internship, Research

Established to enhance your learning, Kyoto University offers a full-ride scholarship program for college graduates who want to enroll in a Master’s Program at Kyoto University Graduate School. This scholarship duration is two-years, which is the amount of time needed to complete your Master’s.

The general overview of this scholarship program is quite extensive and well-packed with seminars, research programs, in-depth lectures, and on-hand research. Make sure to check the information in the link above since this program contains ten benefits that pertain to educational purposes.

  • Great Academic Program For Free!

Due to its many financial benefits, this scholarship is highly competitive and very limited in number. To minimize the application pool, Kyoto University has posted several eligibility requirements that need to be met for each international applicant.

For the financial side of this scholarship, you don’t have to worry too much since everything from tuition to room & board is covered. In addition, you can get an additional stipend to study abroad and for research purposes. Make sure to use this information to your advantage!

2. University of Tokyo PEAK Scholarship

  • Source – University of Tokyo
  • Educational Level – Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate)
  • Benefits – Tuition, Room & Board, Mandatory Expenses

Established by the University of Tokyo, the PEAK programs are entirely created for international students since these courses are entirely taught in English. This means that you don’t have to learn Japanese before beginning your academic career here.

Many international students were burdened with the idea of learning Japanese since they have to learn on the move. But applicants that are admitted to the PEAK Program can learn Japanese in their leisure time after they have finished their coursework in English.

  • PEAK – University of Tokyo’s Program in English at Komaba

That being said, you can’t just apply to any program since the University of Tokyo’s PEAK Programs are limited to two courses, which are International Program on Japan in East Asia and International Program on Environmental Sciences.

If you dislike both of these programs, then you should look for other awards among these six fully funded scholarships in Japan for international students. The financial aspect of this scholarship is pretty solid, which means the total cost of attendance will be covered through this program.

3. Japan Foundation for UNU Scholarships (JFUNU)

  • Source – United Nations University
  • Educational Level – Master of Science in Sustainability
  • Benefits – Tuition Fees, Living Stipend

Funded by the United Nations University (UNU), this scholarship is given to applicants who are interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainability. Being very limited when it comes to academic programs, you can either choose this program or choose another scholarship altogether.

Due to its high focus on the Advanced Study of Sustainability, UNU cannot really afford to award a full-ride scholarship to any other academic program. Before starting the application process, make sure that your academic field of choice is Master of Science in Sustainability!

  • High Financial Rewards = Very Limited Choice

When talking about the benefits of this scholarship, it is very prestigious and highly sought after. First of all, your tuition fees are fully covered, and you don’t really have to worry that much about room & board since you will be receiving a monthly stipend to cover that expense.

However, you still need to pay for your international travel fares from and to Japan, and the expenses for visa and insurance must be paid out of your own pocket. Be sure to bring some money to spend on personal expenses since Japan is a great place to travel and to have fun!

4. MEXT Scholarship

  • Source – Japanese Government
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Benefits – Tuition Fees, Living Stipend, Travel Fares

Offered by the Japanese Government, the MEXT Scholarship is a well-known program that is offered to countless international students. As I have mentioned earlier, there are two methods of application, which split into University Track and Embassy Track.

The application process can be easy or complex depending on the source that you go to. The University Track is when you apply directly to a Japanese institution, and that institution recommends you to MEXT Scholarship Committee, which doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

  • MEXT – Japanese Government Scholarship (Full-Ride)

Since the university track is not a safe way to apply for the MEXT Scholarship, the majority of international students choose to apply through the Embassy Track, which can be hard at times. You need to contact the Japanese Embassy located in your country, and just start from there.

Most of the time, the application procedure will be listed on the Japanese Embassy’s website, and you can find the needed information on the announcement page. If the information is not listed, please contact the Embassy by phone or by email for further details.

5. ICU Rotary Peace Fellowship

Similar to our scholarship in section 3, the ICU Rotary Peace Fellowship is only offered to applicants who are interested in earning a Master’s Degree in Peace Studies. Rotary Peace Centers are established to promote world peace and to prevent further conflict.

These Peace Centers are only located in certain countries around the world, so don’t take this opportunity too lightly. The application process is kind of different from what you might have expected since you don’t apply directly to International Christian University.

  • Rotary Peace Fellowship – Very Limited Academic Program

In order to qualify for this fellowship, you need to apply online to your local Rotary District, and eligible candidates will be sorted out after the deadline has been closed. Be sure to take note of the application deadline and especially the opening date!

The financial part of this scholarship requires some financial help from you since traveling fees and insurance fees are not covered by this scholarship. Prepare a fund on your own since you might have to spend some in order to gain this full-ride scholarship.

Conclusion: Additional Scholarships

If you are really set on studying in Japan, I’m going to let you know that there are additional scholarships offered by private organizations. Now, the eligibility requirements and the application deadlines of each scholarship will vary, so take that into consideration when doing your own research!

I hope that you have enjoyed our post called fully funded scholarships in Japan for international students, and thank you for your time! As always, have a great rest of your day, and don’t forget to smile.