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5 Full Ride Scholarships in China for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in China

Even though it is still ruled by a Communist regime, the country of China has begun to realize the importance of international students in their academic institutions. To fulfill this goal, Chinese institutions have established full-ride scholarships in China for international students.

Due to its many historical sites such as the Great Wall, China has been a popular travel destination for many tourists around the globe. On top of all these attractions, international students can get a chance to study in world-class institutions at a bare minimum cost!

Can International Students Receive a Full-Ride Scholarship in China?

The answer is yes. International students can receive a full-ride scholarship from China due to its various scholarship program. Most famous of all, the Chinese Scholarship Council offers many full-ride scholarships due to its support from the Chinese Government.

Chinese Government Scholarships are given by most universities in China, and more often than not, the scholarship ranges from undergraduate programs to graduate degrees. Don’t worry too much about your educational level since there is plenty for all!

What Are the Minimum Academic Requirements for Receiving a Full Scholarship in China?

Since full-ride scholarships in China are available for undergraduate applicants, the minimum academic requirements should be your high school degree. This doesn’t mean that every scholarship that you find will be for undergraduate applicants, so be warned!

In addition to the academic requirement, there might be a minimum or maximum age requirement for international applicants. If there is, note the application timetable (especially the starting and the ending date), and see if your age meets the criteria listed there.

Full Ride Scholarships in China for International Students

Without further ado, let’s jump into our list that contains 5 full-ride scholarships in China for international students. For your benefit, I have listed the link to the official source, the benefits listed by each scholarship, and the educational level that you will be applying for.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

  • Source – China Scholarship Council
  • Benefits – Full Tuition, Room & Board, Living Stipend, Insurance
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D.

As you can see, the Chinese Government Scholarship is offered to all ranges of college education starting from bachelor’s degrees and going all the way up to doctoral certificates. You might face a problem along the way due to the necessity of learning the Chinese language.

If you are taking a Chinese that is entirely taught in Chinese, you have to take a one-year preparatory language course before going into your major program. Before going into your major course, you have to pass the Chinese language test given after that one-year period.

  • Chinese Government Scholarship – Most Prestigious Scholarship

Due to its various financial benefits, the Chinese Government Scholarship is highly competitive among international applicants. During the scholarship application process, you will be asked to choose which university in China that you prefer to study in, and your choice will be taken into consideration.

If accepted, the tuition fees will be automatically waived, and if that institution has a dormitory that you can stay in, you will be provided with free accommodation. If not, you will be given a stipend that you can use to cover the fees related to room & board.

2. SJTU Asian Future Leaders Program

  • Source – Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Benefits – Stipend for Tuition, Room & Board, and Other Fees
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate, Master’s Degree

A little bit different than other scholarships, the Asian Future Leaders Program has established this award to aid international students who want to study abroad. This scholarship is only available to nationals of an Asian country/region, so if you are not, look at other scholarships on our list.

Since this is a study-abroad scholarship, all prospective applicants should be currently be enrolled in an undergraduate program or a Master’s program. For undergraduates, you have to be in your second year in order to be eligible, and for master’s, please apply during the application process.

  • AFLSP = Asian Future Leaders Program

When looking at this scholarship from a financial point of view, you have to be a little bit worried since there is no guarantee that this stipend will cover full tuition, all the costs related to room & board, and the fees related to insurance and other mandatory fees.

As stated by the official source, each scholarship recipient will only receive a huge stipend in Chinese currency that is for tuition, accommodation, and personal expenses. If the cost cannot be covered by that stipend, you have to pay up the rest out of your own pocket!

3. TU Full-Ride Master’s Program

  • Source – Tsinghua University
  • Benefits – Full Tuition, Room & Board, All Mandatory Fees
  • Educational Level – Master’s Degree

Funded by the Schwarzman Scholars Program, this full-ride scholarship in China is offered in collaboration with Tsinghua University. Filled with various academic and financial benefits, this financial award program was established to empower future leaders among international students.

This scholarship program will begin its start in the heart of China right at the capital of Beijing. Starting at Tsinghua University, you will begin to learn the Chinese culture and commerce, in addition to China’s role in the global market economy.

  • One Year, Fully Funded, Master’s Program

Unlike our previous scholarship program, the Schwarzman Scholarship will cover all the educational expenses of getting this Master’s degree. As mentioned beforehand, this scholarship will cover full tuition, free accommodation, and free food.

In addition, you will be given a stipend for personal expenses, health insurance coverage, and a traveling stipend for your tickets to and from your country. Last but not least, you will be given a free tour of China with additional money for books & supplies for your academic program.

4. LU Presidential Scholarship

  • Source – Lanzhou University
  • Benefits – Tuition, Accommodation, Insurance, Living Stipend
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D.

Open to a wide range of academic programs, Lanzhou University has established this scholarship fund to aid prospective international students. Being a comprehensive university, this college offers all 12 academic disciplines, which means there are no academic restrictions.

Due to its wide range of educational levels, there is a varying degree of academic requirements with a specific age requirement. Before you start the application, make sure to take note of the specific eligibility criteria and the application deadline!

  • Need Proof of Chinese Language Proficiency

Since most of its programs are entirely taught in Chinese, you have to show proof that you can follow along without being hindered due to the language barrier. Chinese language proficiency is a must when you are taking courses offered entirely in Chinese.

When looking at the financial side of things, it doesn’t look too bad since Lanzhou University offers adequate amounts to cover tuition and room & board. To make things a little bit easier, the institution will do the calculation for you, and give you a lump of money for each month.

5. SJTU Graduate Scholarships

Situated on the SJTU campus, China-UK Low Carbon College has established a scholarship program for its prospective graduate applicants. The application track is separated into two ways, and they are either applying directly through SJTU or through the Chinese Embassies.

Due to its various scholarship programs, there is a slight difference in the amount given to each scholarship recipient, so be sure to check the link above for further information. Thank you for listening, and you have only yet to reach the concluding part of this post!

Conclusion: Government Funding

As we have spent time together, we have covered much information in a short span of time. I hope that this information was helpful to you, and this post called Full Ride Scholarships in China for International Students was a helpful source for you.

If you really do want to get a full-ride scholarship in China, I’m going to highly suggest that you apply for Chinese Government Scholarships since they are the highest in number. Since they want you to come into their country, make sure to apply for these scholarships as soon as possible!