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You might have wondered what UCL really stands for, and it stands for two different things. Athletes might know UCL as part of the joint, but in this case, UCL stands for University College London. Also, UCL is known as London’s Global University due to its impact around the world through its UCL Scholarships.

In order to help prospective students to study in the United Kingdom, UCL is offering several full-ride and full-tuition scholarships to its incoming undergraduates and graduates. For each section, I will be covering only the top scholarships offered at UCL; however, you can also apply for low-value scholarships as well.

Since every little bit counts, I would visit even UCL partial scholarships to see if you are eligible to apply or not. Eligibility requirements and the scholarship value will be included in this post; however, please visit each scholarship link to note the application deadline.

UCL Undergraduate Scholarships

For graduating high school seniors, this section is for you! For undergraduates who are about to graduate and for current graduates, you can skip down to the section below labeled UCL Graduate Scholarships. I will be talking about UCL top-value scholarships, so please pay attention as I list each one!

1. UWC International Students House Scholarship

This scholarship is not sponsored by UCL (University College London) itself, but it is also funded by UWC (United World Colleges) and ISH (International Student House). Due to this strong collaboration, this scholarship is probably the most prestigious scholarship offered by UCL.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be Attending a United World College
  • Be a Final-Year IB Diploma Student
  • Applied for UCL Undergraduate Admissions
  • Accepted into UCL Undergraduate Admissions
  • Have Demonstrated Financial Need

The UWC International Students House Scholarship is given based on financial need and academic merit. Even though you might need money, you are probably not going to receive this scholarship if you don’t have any academic merit to support your undergraduate application.

Make sure to focus on your school work and extracurricular activities, and if you do your best, you might be considered for this scholarship. After receiving the scholarship, you are given a free education at one of UK’s top universities.

Scholarship Values and Benefits:

  • Coverage of Full Tuition Fees
  • Personal Allowance of £7,000 Per Year ($9,000)
  • Coverage of Room & Board for Three or Four Years
  • Reimbursement of Tier 4 Visa Application Costs
  • Coverage of Economy Plane Tickets (To / From UK)

As you can see, this UCL Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship that not only provide for your education, but it also covers your personal expenses as well. If you are eligible, make sure to apply by clicking on the link down below!

For UWC ISH Scholarship, Click Here.

2. UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship

This particular UCL Scholarship was established to help international students, and especially students who cannot get a loan due to their immigration status. For international students in need of financial aid, UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship is just the scholarship for you!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Holding an Offer of a Place in one of the UCL Undergraduate Program
  • Be One of the Following:
    • Asylum Seeker in the UK
    • Children of Asylum Seekers
    • Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children
    • Forced Migrants Based in the UK
  • Unable to Access Student Finance Due to Immigration Status

As you can see, the eligibility requirements are very specific, so make sure that you meet the requirements before applying for UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship. Also, the benefits and duration of the scholarship are listed down below!

Scholarship Values:

  • Coverage of Tuition Fees
  • Personal Allowance of £11,000 Per Year ($15,000)

After you have applied for the UCL Undergraduate Admissions and have been accepted, the prospective applicant who meets the above eligibility requirements will need to fill out a separate scholarship application form. Also, there is a scholarship application deadline, so make sure to note the date and other details.

After downloading the application form and the reference form, you can access the forms by opening them with Word. I have already tried opening them, so please make use of this tip as you apply for this scholarship.

For UCL Access Opportunity Scholarship, Click Here.

3. UCL M&N Scholarship

This scholarship is for a specific group of people, and that group is for students from Hong Kong and Mainland China. In addition to its geographical requirement, it has a requirement concerning the major as well.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be Residing in Hong Kong / Mainland China
  • Be Accepted into UCL Undergraduate Program with the Faculty of Laws

UCL M&N Scholarship has some strict eligibility requirements, so make sure that you indeed do fit the requirements before applying for this scholarship. Also, the given allowance (down below) will be used to cover tuition and other mandatory fees.

Scholarship Values:

  • Allowance of £41,666 Per Year for Three Years ($55,000)

In order to receive an admissions offer from the UCL Undergraduate Program of Law, the prospective applicant would have already applied for the Undergraduate Admissions and have gotten the letter of acceptance from UCL. If that is you and you fit the eligibility requirements, apply for this scholarship by clicking on the link below!

For UCL M&N Scholarship, Click Here.

For the list of UCL Partial Scholarships, click on Undergraduate as a level of study, and a list of scholarships will pop up down below.

For UCL List of Partial Scholarships, Click Here.

UCL Graduate Scholarships

Unlike the UCL Undergraduate Scholarships, I will not list the top-value UCL Graduate Scholarships since most of the scholarships for graduate and research students are full-ride. As you know, many graduate students get paid while receiving their education since they are doing a full-share of work while studying.

Depending on your level of study, the value might vary from full-tuition to a full-ride scholarship; so, please read the eligibility requirements of each scholarship carefully. Also, make note of the application deadline since that is an important factor as well.

There are two types of graduate scholarships, and they are Graduate Taught (Master’s Degree) and Graduate Research (Ph.D.). To see the scholarship list of each, click on the link down below, and then, click either Graduate Taught or Graduate Research for your Level of Study.

For UCL Graduate Scholarships, Click Here.

Conclusion: Better Graduate!

As you have seen, full-ride undergraduate scholarships are fewer than full-ride graduate scholarships. So, do well in high school to be eligible for the undergraduate full-ride scholarship, and even do better in undergraduate to get a better graduate scholarship when earning your Master’s or Ph.D.

I hope this helps, and have a great day!

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