Full Ride Scholarships in New Zealand

2 Full-Ride Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in New Zealand

Being a sister island country near Australia, this small nation of New Zealand is quite a unique place full of surprises. Home to various wildlife and rare animal species, this country is a native home of the kiwi bird and an insect-like creature called a tuatara.

In addition to rare wildlife, many tourists come over to New Zealand to see the Maori culture, which are the natives who lived on this island before the colonization. To accomplish the tourist and the studying goals, the full-ride scholarships in New Zealand for international students are here for you!

Can International Applicants Receive Full-Ride Scholarships in New Zealand?

The answer is yes! Anyone can apply for full-ride scholarships in New Zealand regardless of their nationalities. The only restrictions that apply here are academic restrictions and eligibility restrictions where age limit might be involved during the application process.

Is Education Free in New Zealand for Internationals?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Tuition fees are set for each college in New Zealand, and international applicants have to pay a hefty fee if you want to study in this island country. However, there is a way out in which you don’t really have to worry much about financial costs.

Full-Ride Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

In this post, we will be looking at 2 different fully funded scholarships in New Zealand that are offered to international students. For each individual award, make sure to check the application deadline to see if that particular scholarship is open before even starting the application procedure.

1. New Zealand Government Scholarships

  • Source – New Zealand Foreign Affairs
  • Educational Level – All Range of Education
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition Coverage, Living Stipend, One-Time Allowance, Insurance Coverage, Traveling Stipend, Research

Due to its financial backing from the New Zealand Government, this scholarship program is probably the most prestigious award that is given to any international applicant. Yes, this means the financial benefits will be very high, but the competition for this scholarship will also be top-level.

After checking the application deadline, you need to first meet the nationality requirement listed by the New Zealand Government. Then and only then, you can proceed to the eligibility criteria, which you can check the academic requirement and the application process.

  • Government Scholarship – Most Prestigious / Highly Competitive

Since the offers from the New Zealand Government vary for each country, you need to check the academic programs available to you and apply accordingly. The application procedure can be difficult without the guide, so make sure to use the official link above to avoid further confusion!

The financial benefits of this scholarship program are by far one of the best since it covers all the financial angles. First, your tuition and living costs are covered by this award, and all of the traveling expenses such as plane tickets are also covered through this scholarship.

2. Massey University Doctoral Scholarships

  • Source – Massey University
  • Educational Level – Ph.D. Program
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition Coverage, Living Stipend

Being the second-largest institution in New Zealand, Massey University is one of the top-tier academic institutions that is located in this island country. This scholarship program was established to encourage doctoral research among their top international candidates.

Currently open to both New Zealand and international students, Massey University Doctoral Scholarships split into two different categories. The first is the full-time scholarship, and the second one is the part-time scholarship, which is also defined by its financial benefits.

  • Must Receive Full-Time Scholarship for Full-Ride Benefits

As its name states, the scholarship for full-time positions are very generous in financial aid and targeted for its international applicants. The financial benefits of this scholarship award include full coverage of tuition and a generous living stipend for an entire year.

Before applying for this scholarship, make sure to read the terms and conditions related to this scholarship in close detail. Read each eligibility requirement and the academic criteria to see if you fit the bill or not! Good luck as always, and let’s move on to our concluding section.

Conclusion: Want More?

If you have visited this post and found out that just two full-ride scholarships weren’t enough, we have prepared another load of fully-funded awards from various countries. In our selection down below, make sure to click on the post that interests you the most!

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