Full Ride Scholarships in Switzerland

3 Full-Ride Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Switzerland

Being a small country that is located in a mountainous region, Switzerland had been the prize goal of many fights, but not one country had managed to defeat this survivor in the Swiss Alps. Highly protective of secrets and maintaining fierce independence, this is a great country for many tourists.

In addition to its famous Swiss cheese and chocolates, this small nation is a land of nature and wild beasts due to its clean environment. Last but not least, this country offers various full-ride scholarships in Switzerland for international students, so be sure to check this list out down below!

Can International Students Receive a Full-Ride Scholarship in Switzerland?

The answer is yes! International students (non-citizens of Switzerland) can apply for a full-ride scholarship in Switzerland, and they too can receive this fully-funded award if they are deemed to be eligible. To show you some specific examples, we have selected 3 different fully-funded awards.

Do Swiss Universities Practice Free Tuition for Internationals?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While universities in Switzerland do not practice free tuition for international students, they do offer various forms of scholarships that significantly reduce the overall cost. Sometimes, you can study in Swiss for free due to their loads of scholarships.

Full-Ride Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students

To prove the point, I thought it to be necessary to show you some proof to back my previous statement. In this list down below, you will see the various scholarship titles, link to the official source, the range of education, and the benefits that each scholarship entails.

1. Swiss Government Scholarship

Being the most prestigious scholarship award offered in this country, this financial aid program is backed by the Swiss Government itself. To limit the amount of competition, each applicant needs to pass various stages of application requirements in order to apply for this scholarship.

First of all, you need to be a citizen of one of the eligible countries listed in the eligibility criteria, and you can do this by searching for your country among this list. If your country is there, you can download the scholarship file, and if your country is not listed, then this award is not for you.

  • Swiss Government Scholarship – Most Financial Aid

By clicking on your country’s file, you will have downloaded a file that contains all the information regarding the Swiss Government Scholarship. In that file, it will list all the academic programs available to your country’s applicant, and it will list the application procedure as well.

By looking through the application procedure, your goal is to identify the academic requirement and making sure that you meet the standard there. If you do and are able to fill out the application, make sure to do it in haste before the application deadline starts to fly away.

2. Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program

Known for short as ETH Zurich, the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is a top-level academic institution that is situated in the heart of Switzerland. Training talented scientists and engineers, this school is mainly dedicated to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Offered to students who are taking their first Master’s, this scholarship program is offered to outstanding students who have made great academic achievements during their Bachelor’s degree program. Make sure to keep your grades up, and don’t lower your guard now!

  • ESOP – Scholarship Program for Master’s

The financial part of this scholarship program split into two different categories. The group with the highest level of academic achievement will receive the highest award, which contains tuition coverage with an adequate living stipend.

However, applicants who meet the criteria but are not at the top of the applicant’s pool will receive a partial scholarship, which includes tuition coverage but with a partial living stipend that might not be adequate enough to cover the living expenses for an entire year.

3. E4D Doctoral Scholarships

  • Source – ETH Zurich
  • Educational Level – Ph.D. Programs
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition Coverage, Prestigious Stipend

Similar to the previous scholarship award, E4D Doctoral Scholarships are offered by the same academic institution called ETH Zurich. In addition to funding for Master’s, this college thought that graduate funding was an important part of international collaboration.

To fund talented international applicants even in Ph.D. programs, ETH Zurich has established a fully-funded award to prospective doctoral candidates. There is a catch in this since you might not have expected this to bar your way, but keep this in mind.

  • E4D Doctoral Scholarship – Very Generous Salary

Awarding two scholarships per year, this program is awarded for the benefit of underprivileged people in low-income countries. In short, the prospective doctoral candidates must have a research idea for conducting doctoral research for improving the livelihoods of these people.

If you are up to this task, the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is willing to compensate for your time and energy by giving you a generous salary. Even higher than most, this salary of $200,000 will be given as an award for your three-year academic program.

Conclusion: Many More!

In addition to full-ride scholarships in Switzerland, there are many countries out there that offer fully-funded awards to international applicants. To show you some examples, I have listed our five most recent posts that contain full-ride scholarships in different countries.

Make sure to take advantage of this information since the range of education is quite broad when talking about five different countries at once. Note the application deadline and plan your application timetable to make the best use of your time!