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4 Full Ride Scholarships in Canada for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Canada

Known for its natural wildlife and its stunning scenery, the country of Canada is a land of spectral beauty and wonders. Many tourists have been attracted to this country due to its many perks, and due to Canada being a close neighbor to the United States, even more so!

If you want to continue your education and visit this country at the same time, getting one of the full-ride scholarships in Canada might be a good idea. By getting this scholarship benefit, you will be able to focus more on your academics rather than trying to find a job!

Can an International Student Receive a Full-Ride Scholarship in Canada?

Of course! Even though it is rare to find a full-ride scholarship in the first place, international students are eligible to apply for one of the fully funded scholarships in Canada. All of the scholarships listed down below are open to international applicants, so don’t be scared to apply!

Which Canadian Institutions Offer Full-Ride Scholarships to Internationals?

University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and Concordia University offer full-ride scholarships to international students, and in addition, a private organization is fully funding international students who are interested in being part of the exchange program.

Which University Gives the Highest Form of Aid to International Students?

There is no one specific university that gives the highest form of aid to international students since all three universities offered similar financial benefits to its scholarship recipients. The coverage included tuition fees, living fees, and a stipend for books and mandatory fees.

Full Ride Scholarships in Canada for International Students

In the list down below, we have researched several full-ride scholarships that were open to international applicants. To further help you out, we have also included the link to the official source, the details regarding financial coverage, and the education level required by each scholarship program.

1. Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

  • Source – University of Ontario
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition, Room & Board, Books, Other Fees

The application process for the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is highly peculiar since it doesn’t follow the norm of most scholarship programs. To be eligible in the first place, your school has to be participating in this scholarship program and has to nominate you for this scholarship.

After your nomination has taken place, you need to apply for the University of Ontario Undergraduate Admissions and wait for your nomination to go through. After all that is finished, you can finally submit a separate scholarship application for the Lester B. Pearson Award Program.

  • Application Procedure Listed Right HERE

When regarding the financial aspect of this scholarship, we can see that every benefit is pretty clear and straight-forward except for one, which is the other fees. This part of this scholarship will cover the incidental fees, which might be related to travel expenses that might incur along the way.

I am not 100 percent sure that other fees will cover your airplane ticket, but it will definitely cover small bills that might incur during your visa application process. Make sure to keep an online receipt around you at all times since they need visible proof in order to pay you back.

2. UBC International Scholars

This award program by the University of British Columbia offers three full-ride scholarships to prospective applicants. Each scholarship is awarded based on merit and financial need, which both apply to international applicants who really want to study in Canada.

Regarding academic merit, it is a simple yet elegant process since the UBC Scholarship Committee will look at your academic achievements, potential leadership skills, involvement in extracurricular activities, and a variety of other factors.

  • UBC International Scholars – Combination of Merit and Need

After considering the academic merit, the scholarship committee will then come around to look at your financial need. After considering your family’s wealth, they will determine your family’s potential contribution to your academic career and set your scholarship amount.

For applicants from a poor family, you don’t have to worry much since the University will cover most if not all of your educational expenses, but if you are from a rich family, you will receive some sort of aid, but not as much as the international applicants from a poor financial background.

3. Concordia Presidential Scholarship

  • Source – Concordia University
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition, Room & Board, Books, Other Fees

One thing that is good about this scholarship program is that there are no academic restrictions. Since it is offered to prospective undergraduate applicants, you can apply to any undergraduate program that is provided by Concordia University.

Due to the rarity of full-ride scholarships, I have to remind you that there is going to be fierce competition for this award program. To make that even fiercer, there is a set number of two awards that are given each year, so don’t slack off during your scholarship application!

  • Undergraduate Scholarship – Probably No Academic Restrictions

When regarding the financial aspect of this scholarship, you can be relieved over the fact that this program covers the entirety of your educational program. After paying your visa-related expenses and for your airplane ticket, you don’t have to pay much more for the rest of your four years.

This scholarship program will pay for your tuition, for your accommodation and food, and also for your books. You have to make sure to keep your grades up since you need to maintain some level of academic excellence in order to renew your scholarship each year!

4. ASEAN SEED Scholarship

  • Source – EduCanada
  • Educational Level – Undergraduate / Graduate
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition, Room & Board, Other Fees

Last but not least, we have reached the end of our list that contains full-ride scholarships in Canada for international students. I’m going to remind you that this scholarship program is for students who are interested in being part of an exchange program.

Regardless, this exchange program has the highest financial benefit that any scholarship could offer! In addition to your tuition coverage and to your living stipend, this scholarship program covers much more than just other fees.

  • SEED – Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development

Other fees include health insurance and coverage for visa-related expenses and for expenses of getting a work permit in Canada. In addition, it also covers various traveling expenses such as the round-trip airplane ticket from your home country to Canada.

Also, this scholarship program covers any transportation fees inside Canada, where you have to take a train or a cab to travel cross country, and it also covers books and needed materials for your studies and for any expenses that might incur during your research program.

Conclusion – Mark the Deadlines

Since many countries and organizations offer countless scholarships to international students, it is very easy to lose track of one or two scholarships. To avoid this event from every happening, keep track of every scholarship that you can apply to by marking their application deadlines.

Keeping track of the opening date/closing date can be very crucial when things might get hectic around your house. Use the google calendar and set reminders, so that you have enough time to prepare your scholarship application and to give decent space for your potential recommenders.

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