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Established by the Government of Denmark, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science started an exchange program that is only available to international students from six different countries. Currently, that is the nationality requirement, but who knows what the nationality requirement will be after a few years from now. In addition to the restricted requirement concerning nationality, there are strict requirements concerning academic merit and the application procedure. I will try to cover the main points, but for specific details, you have to check the official source yourself instead of just relying on my post. As mentioned in previous posts, you have look at the official source for the final confirmation since that is the reliable information posted by the Government of Denmark.

Eligibility Requirements / Scholarship Benefits

Danish government scholarships were established for graduate students, but the scholarship benefits are low compared to other scholarships. When offering a program or a place of study especially at a range of master’s / Ph.D. programs, I think it is important to either cover most or all of the costs incurred during the exchange program; however, the benefits for Danish government scholarships are not enough to cover the majority of the expenses since the official source says that “the scholarship will most likely not cover all expenses.” If you have a strong desire to study in Denmark, let’s get straight into the eligibility requirements, and you need to meet all eligibility requirements in order to apply for this scholarship.

  • Be From One of the Following Countries*
  • Be Enrolled in a Higher Education Institution in Your Home Country
  • Be Enrolled in a Full-Degree Program (Master’s / Ph.D.)**

*Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia. **Bachelor degree students who wish to study in Danish language and literature can apply only if they have previously studied the Danish language for at least two years.

One of the descriptions that may have escaped your notice is that Danish Government Scholarships are awarded for exchange programs, which means that it is not a study abroad for a full degree program. Exchange programs are only for a short period of time, and it typically lasts for one to two semesters so be sure to take this information into consideration when applying for this scholarship. If you are a national from one of the six countries listed above, click on your country and check the specific details concerning the citizens of your nationality. Last but not least, the scholarship amount for the Danish Government Scholarship is free tuition and a monthly stipend of DKK 6,500.

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