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Italian Government Scholarships (2021)

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To increase the flow of international students, the Government of Italy has created a scholarship scheme that is for many international students. I didn’t say all international students since Italian Government Scholarships have nationality requirements that you have to pass in order to apply. Even if you meet the nationality requirement, you cannot be residing in Italy if you want to apply since the Italian Government wants more international students coming in rather than picking international students who are already in its country. In addition to its requirements concerning residency and nationality, you also need to meet the academic qualifications to the level of education that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a Master’s degree, you need to show proof of your high school graduation and also a certified bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility Requirements / Benefits of Italian Government Scholarships

There are five different educational levels that you can pick from, and they are Master’s Degree, AFAM (Courses in Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance), Ph.D. Program, Research Under Academic Supervision, or Italian and Culture Courses. I think every level should be familiar to you except the AFAM, which I only heard when studying the country of Italy. Basically, AFAM courses are offered at institutes that specialize in performance training, production and research activities in the field of art, and focuses primarily on the fields of visual arts, music, dance, drama, and design. If you have any further questions, you can specific details concerning AFAM at this Italian Government Website. If you are a high school graduate looking to enroll in an undergraduate program, the only way open is the AFAM or Italian Culture Courses since AFAM do start at an undergraduate level and go up; however, Italian culture courses only last for a short period of time, so you would be going on a short field trip to Italy if you pick this option.

*For AFAM courses and Italian culture and language courses, you need to be less than 28 years old or its equivalent at the time of application. For Ph.D. Programs, you need to less than 30 years old or its equivalent at the time of application. For research projects under academic supervision, you need to be less than 40 years old or its equivalent at the time of application. **Now, this just varies according to your courses since you might be taking an Italian-taught course or English-taught courses. If you are taking an Italian-taught course, you need to prove your Italian proficiency, and the same goes for English, you need to prove your English proficiency if you are taking an English-taught course.

Before we end, the scholarship benefits of Italian Government Scholarships are 900 Euros Per Month. If you want to apply for this scholarship, then visit the official source here, and as always, don’t forget to come back and visit our website! Also, I have posted a video guide below if you have any questions regarding Italian Government Scholarships.

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