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Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal of Punjab

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Due to its efficiency of distributing scholarships, more and more people begin to like major scholarship portals and admissions portals that are based entirely online. To implement this brand new idea, the government of Punjab decided to established its own scholarship portal for its own state.

Divided into numerous districts, the government of Punjab established this funding program called Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal, and it is also called Punjab Government Scholarship Portal since all scholarship schemes are funded by this tiny state of India.

The information on this portal’s website is pretty straightforward since you need to log in to Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal in order to apply, and all the information about different scholarship schemes is also listed on this website as well.

Scholarships Offered at Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal

To help the students in need, the scholarships offered at Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal split into two main categories, and they are scholarships for SC (Schedule Caste) students, and for OBC (Other Backward Class) students.

If you do fit the eligibility requirements listed by your category, then you can apply directly at Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal which I have linked down below. For additional information, you can check out our post about Indian Government Scholarships (National Scholarship Portal).

For Scholarships for SC Students, Click Here. For Scholarships for OBC Students, Click Here. To Apply for Scholarships, Click Here.

Application Deadlines

Before you go, just remember to make note of application deadlines for each scholarship that you encounter. If you are eligible for any scholarship scheme, you may not be able to apply for that scholarship right there and then due to the scholarship deadline.

If it is closed, make note of it in an online calendar or in a notebook someplace so that you can keep track of scholarship applications. If it is open, be sure to apply for it as soon as you can since funding for scholarship schemes is limited and the competition very high!