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Benefits of SOAS Scholarships (2021)

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Before we get into SOAS Scholarships, there might be some questions that are floating in your mind, and one of them is, “What does SOAS stand for?” SOAS is an acronym of The School of Oriental & African Studies, and it is a prestigious college in London that specializes in the study of Asia, Africa, and Middle East.

Since SOAS is one of the world’s leading institutions in that particular field, many students from all over the world have a dream to study in this college; however, the problem for most students is money. Students from the United States and United Kingdom have the option of getting student loan; however, international students have to solely rely on scholarships to fund their education.

Types of SOAS Scholarships

Since incoming students are in need of financial aid, SOAS provide scholarships that cover all ranges of study. Since the list of scholarships is newly updated each year, I will not list specific scholarships that are listed in the SOAS website; however, I will provide the links to each group, so that you can check it out for yourself.

Categories of Scholarships

Under each scholarship category, there will be a list of scholarships, and on that list, the eligibility requirements and the scholarship values will be listed. So make sure to visit the appropriate link, and apply for the scholarship that is available for you!

Additional Important Information

After that short preview of scholarships, there is basically nothing more I can tell you about SOAS Scholarships; however, there is additional vital information for different groups of students. If you are from the UK or EU, there are additional options that can fund your studies, and also, if you are from the US, there are available loan options for you as well.

If you are an international student not from the US, UK, or EU, you need to apply for scholarships in order to fund your studies. The links for each group are listed down below, so make sure to visit them if you are serious about studying in the UK.

For UK or EU Students, Click Here!

For US Students, Click Here!

Lastly, for International Students, Click Here!