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BCA in BCA Scholarships have three different meanings. The first group of BCA Scholarships refers to BCA Study Abroad Program, and the second group refers to BCA (Burlington City Arts) Scholarships. If you are looking for BCA Study Abroad Scholarships, please click this link; however, if you are looking for Building and Construction Authority Scholarships, please click on this link.

However, if you have come to this website looking for information concerning BCA (Burlington City Arts) Scholarships, you have come to the right place!

Burlington City Arts offers courses and summer camps in photography, painting, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry, and design. Covering any skill level, the BCA Studies offers various courses that range all year long. Currently, it offers summer camps to age 6-18, and BCA also holds adult class sessions every year.

BCA Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship benefits of BCA varies from person to person because the financial need of one person is different for the next. BCA Foundation tries its best to fulfill every wish of its applicants; however, the applicant must have a good reason to apply, and he must be in financial need.

Applicant’s Question: Scholarship Value?

BCA Scholarship Answer: The Requested Amount!

You might be thinking that you can request whatever amount, and BCA will give it to you, but that is not the case! BCA Foundation knows that applicants with scholarships will pay more careful attention to their classes, unlike applicants that do not recognize the value of money.

In order to receive the BCA Scholarship, you have to turn in a BCA Scholarship Application, and the specifics are included in the section down below~

BCA Scholarship Application Procedure

In order to be considered for BCA Scholarships, you have turn in an online BCA Scholarship Application. In the application form, you have to fill out the requested personal information, and you also have to answer some questions concerning your financial situation.

In addition, you have to search which camp or class you want to attend and list the specific class name/date/fee on the scholarship application. If you didn’t already search ahead, please go to BCA Current Class / Camp Offerings.

After filling that out, you can request the scholarship money based on the tuition/fees of your course. It is a one-page online application, but you need to fill out a lot of information so be prepared!

To Apply for BCA Scholarships, Click Here!

Conclusion: Wait + Apply

After applying, you just need to wait for the results; however, don’t just wait! Continue to search for scholarships in your area, and keep on applying since there is no limit!

Always do your best, and have a great day!

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