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University of Colorado Boulder Scholarships and Financial Aid

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University of Colorado, Boulder, or more simply, CU Boulder is an excellent university located in Boulder, Colorado. An interesting fact is that the university was actually founded a few months before Colorado officially became a state in 1876. Since its establishment, the university has provided high-quality education in many different fields for students in Colorado and those in other states as well. In this article, we will be discussing the University of Colorado Boulder Scholarships as well as Financial Aid that is available to domestic students.

The university has produced some very successful people. Some of them are Nobel Laureates who have accomplished notable feats in their field. Others are businessmen who made millions and billions of dollars through their businesses. Countless others have made a great contribution to the field that they are in. These alumni have become successful partially because of the high-quality education that CU Boulder provides.

The rankings also show quality education. According to Times, the university is ranked 114th place globally, which is very good considering the number of universities around the world.

So, I hope that you got a sense of the quality education that you will receive here. Now, let’s look at the cost before we look at the scholarship options.

CU Boulder Cost of Attendance

As a public state university, CU Boulder has different rates depending on your state of residency. If you are a Colorado Resident, your cost of attendance is approximately $29,000 per year. This includes tuition fee, which is around $11,000, Room and Board, which is around $15,000 a year, and the rest are personal expenses. If you are not from Colorado, your cost of attendance is $53,400 per year. The cost of attendance is high because the university charges extra fees for out-of-state students, which is the case for all public state universities.

So now, we will be looking at various scholarships and grants to help you cover that cost.

CU Boulder Scholarships

There are many scholarships that are available to prospective students. The major forms of scholarships are automatic, scholarships that require separate applications, and Specific College Scholarships. Let’s look at each of these.

1. Automatic Scholarships

This type of scholarships at CU Boulder does not require a separate application. There are actually many individual scholarships under this big category. Both residents and out-of-state students are automatically considered, and there are some big scholarships like Presidential Scholarships and University of Colorado Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program in this category.

To be eligible for these scholarships, you just need to apply for admissions by January 15th.

2. Scholarships Requiring Separate Application

Next in our list is scholarships that require separate applications for students to become eligible. If you are interested, you can visit the Scholarship Search Engine. There are many scholarships that are available that varies in the award, so if you are seriously considering CU Boulder, it will be worth your time to browse through the search engine. The deadlines start as early as February 15, so make sure to apply before the deadline!

3. School-Specific Scholarships

Individual Colleges and Schools at CU Boulder offer scholarships to prospective students applying to their department. Since these vary by department, you should go to the Schools-Specific Scholarship Page and see the scholarship award. Some will be automatic, and some will require a separate application.

4. Outside Scholarships

Another place that you should look for funding is outside scholarships. There are many organizations and companies that are looking to help high school graduates out on their way to college. You should start locally because there’s less competition and then gradually branch out. Also, one place that you should definitely look is to see whether your parents’ companies give out scholarships. Many big companies do give out money to children of their employees if they are going to college. So, check that out!

The bad news is that the outside scholarship award is usually smaller that CU Boulder scholarships. However, the good news is that for most, if not all outside scholarships that you get, can be applied to other universities as well.

CU Boulder Grants

Now, let’s talk about grants at University of Colorado, Boulder. These are money that do not need to be repaid. However, they are given primarily based on need, which is different than scholarships, which are awarded primarily based on merit.

Both in-state and out-of-state students are eligible for grants. Both of these can receive Federal Grants, which are given by the government. Both types of students are also eligible for University of Colorado University Grants, which are given through the funds of the university. However, only Colorado residents are eligible for state grants.

If you go to the Grants Page, you will see that there are information that is tailored to your state of residency. So make sure to check these out!

How to Apply for CU Boulder Grants

To be eligible, you need to file FAFSA by February 15. However, it is recommended that you submit as early as possible so that you can get the financial aid application out of the way. This document becomes available on October 1. For more information, visit Apply for Aid Page!

To be frank, most out-of-state students will have a difficult time getting a good financial aid at CU Boulder. The grants and scholarships that are given to non-residents are limited compared to other institutions. So, if having a good financial package is essential to you, then I would look at other institutions, especially those in your state. If you are from Colorado, then you can get generous financial aid.

I hope that this article on CU Boulder Scholarships and Grants was helpful. If you are from Colorado, I highly recommend going to Colorado Scholarships Category to see what scholarships universities in Colorado offers. Also, if you are not from Colorado, it won’t be a waste of your time to go to Authority Scholarships Website and looking over universities in your state since these will most likely be affordable to you.