Ball State University Scholarships

Ball State University Scholarships

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Ranked in the top 20, the Ball State is a well-known university that is one of the best universities in the US Midwest Region. Founded in 1918, Ball State University (Also Known as BSU) is known for its creative research and innovative technology.

Types of BSU Scholarships

Most of the scholarships offered by Ball State University are merit-based, but some scholarships are based on demonstrated financial need.

1. Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Awarded to high school graduates, the Ball State University offers various scholarships and awards to incoming freshmen.

To even simplify the eligibility for scholarships, the BSU has created a Scholarship Calculator in which students can plug in their high school GPA and their ACT/SAT Scores to see if they are considered for any merit scholarships.

A. Miller Scholarship

Don’t get too excited about this scholarship, but let’s get into the list of awards that Miller Scholars receive.

Scholarship Value:

  • Covers Full-Tuition and Mandatory Fees
  • Provides a Laptop Computer
  • Funds Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Provides a Stipend for Internship Programs
  • Group Travel Experience
  • Admits Miller Scholars Automatically into Miller Business Honor Program
  • Pairs an Alumni Mentor to the Miller Scholar
  • Provides a One-to-One Meeting with Business Employers

To be considered for this scholarship, the students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.85
  • Scored 28 on ACT OR 1,300 on SAT

In addition to these requirements, the Ball State University is also looking for extracurricular activities (Involvement in community, school…) and creative essays. Since this is a highly competitive scholarship, there is a separate application required that includes an essay.

For further information, view Miller Scholarship or Application Process for Miller Scholarship.

B. Whitinger Scholarships

Awarding only 10 students per year, the Whitinger Scholarship is known as the most prestigious scholarship awarded by the Ball State University. Covering the full-tuition, room & board, and mandatory fees, this scholarship is only awarded to applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • Apply for Ball State University Honors College
  • Be Admitted into Honors College of BSU
  • Complete a specific curriculum (Indiana Academic Honors Diploma) or its equivalent
  • Maintain a cumulative high school GPA of 3.85

For further information regarding application deadlines, view BSU Scholarships. Click on the link, Scroll down under Freshmen Scholarships, and Click on Whitinger Scholarship.

C. Ellison Scholarships

Covering full-tuition and room & board, the Ellison Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who graduated from a high school in Delaware County, Indiana.

To be considered for this full-ride scholarship, the applicant must show leadership skills, creative imagination, talented abilities, and academic achievements.

If you are a high school graduate from Delaware Country, Indiana, please ask your guidance counselor for the application form.

D. Presidential Scholarships

Available to in-state and out-of-state students, the Presidential Scholarships awards different amounts between students with in-state and out-of-state residency. The reason why there is a difference in scholarship money is that students with in-state residency receive a lower tuition rate than students with out-of-state residency.

In order to attract students from its home state, the university has lowered the tuition rates especially for in-state students while raising the bar for out-of-state students.

This scholarship awards $16,000 per year (out-of-state students) and $5,500 per year (in-state students) that goes toward tuition, room & board, and mandatory fees.

To see the criteria, view the BSU Scholarship Calculator.

E. Ball State Scholars Award

Available to Indiana Residents and Non-Residents of Indiana, the Ball State Scholars are awarded $14,000 per year (out-of-state students) and $4,000 per year (in-state students) for tuition, room & board, and mandatory fees. Since this is a renewable scholarship that lasts for four years, the scholarship recipient must maintain a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or higher.

To check the eligibility requirements, please view the BSU Scholarship Calculator.

F. Distinction Scholarship

Same as the previous award, the Distinction Scholarship is available to all students regardless of their state residency. The scholarship recipients of Distinction Scholarship receive $12,000 per year (out-of-state students) and $2,500 (in-state students) to pay for tuition, room & board, and mandatory fees.

To cover the remaining fees, the student can apply for other financial aid options. Also, to check your eligibility requirement, view the BSU Scholarship Calculator.

This first section of freshmen scholarships comes to an end, and to view additional scholarships for incoming freshmen, click BSU Scholarships.

2. Scholarships for Transfer Students

Unlike the previous section, the scholarships for transfer students are low in value and in numbers. To be honest, it will be worth a lot more to just apply as incoming freshmen and get a full-ride scholarship, then transferring into BSU and receiving no scholarship at all.

For further information, view Scholarships, and click on Transfer Scholarships.

3. Departmental Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by Ball State University, the various departments award students who are interested in their majors or minors. In the link down below, there is a list of different departments, so pick on that you are interested and apply for any available scholarships in your department.

For further information, view Scholarships, and click on the Departmental Scholarship.

4. Ball State Scholarships

This scholarship section is a combination of sections one and two. Having scholarships for incoming freshmen and transfer students, the Ball State University lists all the scholarships that are in its arsenal.

For further information, view Scholarships, and click on the Ball State Scholarship.

5. Indiana Scholarships

Unlike other scholarships that did not really care about the state residency of applicants, the Indiana Scholarships do require that the applicant is an Indiana Resident. So if you are a resident of Indiana, click on the link below for scholarship funded by the state of Indiana.

For further information, view Scholarships, and click on the Indiana Scholarships.

Conclusion: Paying for ____?

For students, it is important that the university that you are searching for do offer scholarships, but you need to also consider how much your tuition cost. Ball State University helps out by providing a detailed cost estimator in their homepage.

Make sure that you check that out before applying for scholarships!

I hoped this guide about BSU Scholarships was helpful, and Authority Scholarships contains more posts about scholarships from famous universities.