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Saint Louis University Scholarships

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Established in the Catholic faith, Saint Louis University is one of the most prestigious Catholic universities in the United States, and it is currently one of the oldest universities that are still standing today. Because of its great influence in the states and the world, Saint Louis University also has an overseas campus located in Madrid, Spain.

Guided by their Jesuit traditions and values, the students of Saint Louis University receive an intensive education that changes their undergraduates into graduating leaders. Known as one of the top research universities in the States, the Saint Louis University offers top-quality undergraduate and graduate programs.

In addition to their great education, Saint Louis University also offers scholarships with great values to their incoming students. Make sure to check the scholarships down below with careful attention to eligibility requirements.

Types of Scholarships Offered by Saint Louis University

The scholarships at Saint Louis University are offered based on merit and sometimes on need; however, which case might be, the applicants to Saint Louis University are encouraged to complete the eligibility requirements as early as possible since priority consideration will be given to applicants who apply early.

1. Merit-Based Scholarships

The SLU’s merit-based scholarships are given to students who fill out their admissions application for Saint Louis University. After completing the admissions application, the prospective students will be automatically considered for these scholarships.

A. Billiken, Ignatian, University, Dean, and Vice President Scholarships

These different names refer to various levels of merit-based scholarships offered at Saint Louis University. Since there are no specifics in the academic requirements, I will attach a link to each merit-based scholarship. To be considered for these scholarships, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

Since the values differ with each of the merit-based scholarships, the academic requirements will probably differ as well. For high-value scholarships such as SLU Vice Presidents’ Scholarships, there will be a higher requirement for high school GPA and standardized test scores.

Make sure to apply for Saint Louis University Admissions to be considered for these scholarships!

B. Saint Louis University Gaokao Scholarship (Chinese Students)

For US students and international students that are not from China, you will probably not understand the eligibility requirements. Available only to Students from China, the Gaokao Scholarship is awarded to students that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have an Overall Gaokao* Score in the Middle of Tier 2 or Better
  • Score 125/150 for Standard Gaokao; 100/120 for Jiangsu Province
  • Directly Admissible to the Program of Study
  • Speak English Equivalent to CEFR** Score of B2+

*Gaokao is a National College Entrance Examination of China

**CEFR is an abbreviation for Common European Framework of Reference, and this reference is used to rate the English Proficiency. Saint Louis University will make sure the applicant fulfills this requirement by conducting a video interview with the applicant.

Scholarship Value: $10,000 ~ $14,000 per year

Same as before, apply for SLU admissions and turn in all the required materials for the Gaokao Scholarship Committee.

For further information, view all SLU Merit-Based Scholarships.

2. Competitive Scholarships

Unlike automatic scholarships that require no separate application, the competitive scholarships of Saint Louis University require a separate scholarship application in addition to the admissions application.

A. Saint Louis University Presidential Scholarship

This full-ride scholarship is awarded to students who show outstanding leadership potential imbued with character. To be considered for this scholarship, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  1. Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of at least 3.85
  2. Scored at least 30 on ACT OR 1390 on SAT

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition

Just because you have met the eligibility requirements, that does not mean that you will be guaranteed this scholarship. After the admissions review, the SLU Presidential Scholarship Committee will invite the finalists for the on-campus interview, and these finalists will compete for the final round of Presidential Scholars.

In order to apply for this scholarship, apply for admissions and then fill out the scholarship application provided in the link below. After clicking on the link, scroll down to the Presidential Scholarship to view the scholarship information.

Also, there are more competitive scholarships offered by Saint Louis University, so make sure to visit the link down below.

For more information, visit Saint Louis University Presidential Scholarships.

3. Transfer Scholarships

Since there are many transfer students that apply for Saint Louis University, there are various scholarships that are offered to incoming transfers. Some scholarships are based on merit, and some are based on demonstrated financial need. In addition, there are special requirements that are listed, so make sure to read the eligibility requirements carefully!

For further information, view Saint Louis University Transfer Scholarships (Click on the Link and Scroll Down).

4. Other Scholarships

This section was created for scholarships that are for Catholic students, Jesuit students, and high school graduates of Catholic schools. Also, students whose family member is a graduate of SLU are awarded, and students from urban settings as well. Make sure to check out these scholarships since there are full-ride scholarships included!

For more information, view Saint Louis University Other Scholarships (Click on the Link and Scroll Down).

5. Private Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by Saint Louis University, the SLU provides scholarships that are provided by external sources. Funded by private organizations and corporations, these scholarships are selective but can be highly rewarding to applicants who apply early.

For further information, visit Saint Louis University Private Scholarships (Click on the Link and Scroll Down More).

Conclusion: More Money!

In addition to scholarships, the Saint Louis University offers more options for financial aid to their incoming students. To view grants, work-study, and loans, please click on the link below for further information. Also, make sure to carefully read the eligibility requirements and specific guidelines detailed by each option.

For further information, view the Saint Louis University Types of Aid.

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