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Korean Government Scholarships (2021)

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Gaining much support and popularity over the years, more and more international students are curious about South Korean culture and language. Not only do you get to experience the normal everyday life of a Korean student, but you also get the full academic benefits for free if you do receive one of the Korean Government Scholarships.

In today’s post, I will cover only one of the eight Korean government scholarships since the one that we are going to talk about is the one and only full-ride scholarship. In short, this merit award will cover all of the financial aspects of your study in South Korea, and it offers airplane fares, tuition fees, living stipend, and full coverage of mandatory fees. Without further ado, let’s get straight into this awesome Korean scholarship that is offered by the Korean Government.

Global Korea Scholarship (Full-Ride)

In order to build relationships with other countries and to give international students a chance to study for free, the South Korean Government has established this scholarship scheme that is offered to both undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

However, you need to watch out for little notices that might make you ineligible to apply so be sure to look at each eligibility requirement carefully if you are seriously thinking about studying in South Korea. To apply for this Korean government scholarship, you need to meet all the listed requirements down below.

  • Be Either Applying for an Undergraduate or Graduate Course
  • Transferring Students Are Ineligible to Apply
  • Both the Applicant and Parents Should Not Hold Korean Citizenships
  • Be in Good Health, Mentally and Physically
  • Be Under 25 Years of Age for Undergraduates, and Under 40 Years of Age for Graduates
  • Have Proper Academic Qualifications for the Level That You Are Applying*
  • Have a Cumulative GPA of 80% or Higher From the Last Educational Institution Attended

*For students who are applying for undergraduate programs, you need to show that you have graduated from high school or its equivalent. For prospective applicants for a Master’s, you need to show that you hold a bachelor’s degree, and for Ph.D. programs, you need to show that you hold a Master’s degree before applying.

As you can see from the above requirements, there are several academic requirements that you need to achieve before you can gain eligibility. Before we end this post, I will add the scholarship benefits in addition to the link to the official source. If you need any help in the application procedure for Korean Government Scholarships, be sure to look at our video guide at the end of our post. As always, don’t forget to smile, and please visit our homepage regularly for daily posts.

  • Full Coverage of Airplane Tickets
  • Settlement Allowance
  • Living Allowance
  • Coverage of Medical Insurance
  • Stipend for Language Courses
  • Full Coverage of Tuition Fees
  • Additional Stipend for Graduate Students in Masters or Ph.D. Program

For Detailed Information Regarding Korean Government Scholarships, Click Here.

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