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USA College Rugby Scholarships (2021)

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In the United States, there is an increasing number of people who want to play rugby as a sport; however, there are limitations to playing rugby since it is not a recognized sport. Because not many colleges support nor own rugby teams, rugby is a club sport, which is played by some organizations and practiced by many young players.

Do You Want a Scholarship?

Since rugby is a club sport and not a recognized national sport, full-ride scholarships are not given to rugby players, and even if you do receive a scholarship, you will probably receive a partial scholarship or a small funding.

Don’t let your hopes up! To meet the increasing need, colleges and organizations are awarding sports scholarships to eligible student-athletes. If you want to make rugby as one of the nationally recognized sports, you can start by applying for a rugby program at USA College Rugby.

If rugby has enough varsity sports teams and participating colleges, NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) will allow rugby to be one of the nationally recognized sports; however, they don’t have rugby on that list since the number of rugby teams is relatively small.

Make A Difference!

The link to USA College Rugby will lead you to a list of colleges and organizations, and that list will contain colleges that have rugby programs and organizations that give out small scholarships to prospective rugby players.

If you want rugby to be one of the USA national sports, you can make a difference by applying to colleges that currently have a rugby team or planning to create one. If rugby does become a nationally recognized sport, rugby players will not only receive a small scholarship, but they will be able to receive full-ride scholarships as well!

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Conclusion: Full-Ride Scholarship?

I know there are many student-athlete out there who want a full-ride scholarship instead of being stuck with a partial scholarship. If that is the case, then pick a sport other than rugby since NCAA has listed many nationally recognized sports.

Any sport that is recognized by NCAA is eligible for a full-ride scholarship from the NCAA participating institutions. So, if you are willing to learn another sport instead of rugby, go ahead! If you are too late, then stick with rugby since who knows what will happen in the next few years?

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