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10 Full-Ride Government Scholarships for International Students (2021)

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As the method of transportation got better and better, more and more people began to travel to foreign countries whether to study or just to tour the countryside. To use this habit to their advantage, many full-ride government scholarships were established to attract international students from around the world.

If you are a student who wants to study abroad, trying to apply for a government scholarship might not be a bad idea. Established by the government, this type of scholarship contains a higher value than most because most government scholarships are backed by the financial resources of the host country.

Also, just don’t apply to any government scholarship since there are several countries out there that really want you to be a part of its cultural environment. To provide an incentive for prospective applicants while increasing their national status, 10 different countries established full-ride government scholarships for international students.

Which Countries Award Full-Ride Government Scholarship Benefits?

Countries that award full-ride scholarship benefits for both undergraduate and graduate programs are South Korea (Global Korea Scholarship), Australia (Australian Award), Canada (Study in Canada), China (CSC), Japan, (MEXT), and New Zealand (New Zealand Scholarship).

Also, there are additional countries that offer full-ride scholarships for either undergraduate or graduate programs but not both. For example, Indonesia Government Scholarship (Darmasiswa) only offers full-ride for undergraduate programs while the Malaysian Government Scholarship offers full-ride awards to just graduate programs.

Can I Get a Full-Ride Government Scholarship in Canada?

There are several ways to apply for full-ride programs even in Canada, and as previously mentioned, one of the key methods is to apply for Canada’s government scholarship called Study in Canada. If you don’t want to apply for the government scholarship, then you can also apply for the Lester B. Pearson Program offered by the University of Toronto.

Government Scholarships (Full-Ride)

1. Australian Government Scholarship

Known as the Australian Awards Scholarships, this merit-based award is the most prestigious scholarship that was established by the Australian Government. If you are interested in sightseeing the Australian Barrier Reef or the rocky mountain ranges of the Great Dividing Range, this full-ride government scholarship is a free ticket to your dreams.

Since it is a full-ride scholarship, the Australian Award covers full tuition, airplane tickets, establishment fees, living fees, health insurance, and other mandatory fees that might be related to your educational experience. Also, don’t forget the eligibility requirements if you want to apply for this scholarship!

2. Canadian Government Scholarship

The next one up is called Study in Canada Scholarship, which is funded by Global Affairs Canada. Available to all levels of higher education, Canadian government scholarships are offered to international students all around the world. Unfortunately, fully funded scholarships are awarded to students from specific countries, so read the next section very carefully.

To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be from one of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Comoros, Djibouti, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Liberia, Mauritania, Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Vanuatu, Palestinian students from the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Also, the scholarship duration for ‘Study in Canda’ is two years max.

3. Chinese Government Scholarship

If you are a little bit discouraged after looking at the country-specific requirements of the Canadian Government Scholarship, please remember that more awards don’t put a limit on citizenship than scholarships that do. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into our next full-ride government scholarship!

Established by the Chinese Scholarship Council, the Chinese government scholarship is offered to all international students and teachers. You can pick courses ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate, and you can even apply for research if you have already received your postgraduate degrees.

As always, this is also a full-ride scholarship that covers your full tuition, living expenses, accommodation fees, and also your vital health insurance. Depending on your level of study, your monthly stipend will either increase or decrease since you will need higher funding for graduate courses than for undergraduate programs.

4. Japanese Government Scholarship

This scholarship is very famous among international students, and the popular acronym of Japanese government scholarship is the MEXT Scholarship. Standing for Monbukagakusho, MEXT Scholarship Program has been around for several years.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs, the MEXT scholarship has a special addition for students who love the Japanese language and culture. To encourage and deepen their understanding of Japan, there is even a scholarship specifically for Japanese Studies.

Last but not least, this full-ride scholarship program covers your airfares (to and from your country), any school-related fees, and even gives you a monthly stipend to cover your living costs such as accommodation and food. Be sure to read the application procedure very carefully since this part sets the MEXT scholarship apart from other government scholarships.

if you need more assistance regarding this topic, please visit full scholarships for international students.

5. Korean Government Scholarship

Over recent years, South Korea has become famous due to the rise of K-pop and K-drama, and due to that popularity, an increasing number of international students began to apply for universities in Korea. To lower its financial burden once and for all, the Korean government has established a full-ride scholarship just for international students.

Known as the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS), this Korean Government Scholarship offers a huge load of benefits for its scholarship recipients and it also awards you money for completing your degree in South Korea. The only way to apply for this scholarship is to check your application deadlines and look for announcements posted at GKS Notice Board.

6. New Zealand Government Scholarship

The country of New Zealand began to rival its sister island Australia by advertising its beautiful sceneries as well as its modernized city complexes. Formed by two major islands called North and South, New Zealand provides a great environment for international students by giving them a place of rest and healing.

To increase the number of international students coming into its native islands, the New Zealand Government has implemented this full-ride scholarship scheme that is only available to students from specific countries.

7. Indonesian Government Scholarship (Undergraduate)

After looking at six full-ride government scholarships, we now know that they cover both undergraduate and graduate programs. However, starting from number seven to our tenth scholarship, each government scheme will cover either undergraduate or graduate programs, so be sure to keep an eye out for course-specific requirements.

Known as the Darmasiswa Scholarship Program, this scholarship scheme was established by the Indonesian Government to promote diplomatic relations with its surrounding countries. As time went by, the number of eligible countries steadily grew until it reached 185, and as stated in the heading, this full-ride scholarship is only for undergraduate programs.

8. United States Government Scholarship (Undergraduate)

Now, this is a curveball that you might not have expected since we aren’t really going to talk about government scholarships sponsored by the United States Government. As you may know, United States Government Scholarships are only offered to citizens of the United States instead of being offered to all international students.

To fix this small problem, I have replaced the government scholarship program with a university that offers a full-ride scholarship for every international student. This doesn’t hold for the privileged few, but as I have said, for every international student who joins this college.

If you can’t believe my words, believe the source that I have linked in the section above. Berea College is one of the top colleges in the United States due to its financial aid for international students. I don’t think many international students have access to this knowledge, so I thought it best to share this information in this post.

9. Malaysian Government Scholarship (Graduate)

Even though Malaysia is a small country, they are doing the absolute best that they can to attract international students for their graduate programs. Known as the MIS, the Malaysian International Scholarship is awarded to graduates who want to study in a Master’s or Ph.D. program.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to be from one of the following countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Phillippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, and Palestine.

10. United Kingdom Government Scholarship (Masters)

Our tenth government scholarship is one from the United Kingdom, and the one that I have picked out is called Chevening Scholarships. Even though there are many UK government scholarships, I picked one full-ride scholarship that covered the Master’s degree for many international students.

If you want to study at one of the UK’s top institutions, this scholarship might be the best option for you. However, the level of education is limited since only students who are trying to get their Master’s degrees can apply for the Chevening Scholarship.

Also, this scholarship has a country-specific requirement with it, so read the official source carefully when you go to their homepage. Last but not least, I hope that you have found this information helpful, and make sure to visit our homepage for fresh content!