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10 Best Universities in Japan for International Students (2021)

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The country of Japan began to grow in popularity as more and more international students became interested in learning about Japanese culture. To top it all off, the Japanese government created the MEXT Scholarship Foundation to help international students with financial need.

Who wouldn’t be interested in coming to a country full of ancient architecture with the backing of a full-ride scholarship? I definitely would if I had the chance, and you would too! In order to help you gain insight, I have selected the top 10 Japanese universities that might help you achieve that dream.

Are International Students Satisfied By Studying in Japan?

According to a survey done on graduate students at Hiroshima University, over 70% of international students were satisfied by studying in Japan. Even though this research was conducted in 2001, I don’t think the results of this research are outdated.

The reason why I think this study isn’t outdated is that the support for international students would have gotten better over the years instead of getting worse, so I think it is possible that the satisfaction rate among international students might be greater than 70 percent.

If you want to hear from an international student currently studying in Japan, you might want to head over and see a couple of videos that he uploaded concerning his study abroad at Sophia University. Overall, the satisfaction rate for international students studying in Japan is relatively high.

Most Popular Degrees in Japan for International Students?

I have to say that the most popular degrees in Japan for international students would be STEM-related fields such as engineering, sciences, and math. In addition, Japanese language courses and culture credits might be another popular option for international students.

  • Several Types of Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Civil)
  • Several Science Fields (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy)
  • Dentistry and Material Sciences
  • Japanese Language and Culture-Related Courses

There might be more to this list, but a general overview of popular courses in top Japanese universities was limited to these types of courses. If your preferred course is not on this list, please don’t worry since they offer all types of courses in major Japanese institutions.

Primary Language of Education for Institutions in Japan?

The primary language of education in Japan is Japanese / English. This means that some courses are offered in Japanese and others in English. That would also mean that your selection of academic programs might be limited if you just choose to take programs offered in English.

Since they already had countless international students over the past, many universities in Japan have provided a Japanese language program for international students, so don’t fret if you didn’t learn any Japanese yet since there is always time to learn and to improve!

How Many International Students Are Studying in Japan?

There are nearly 300,000 students studying in Japan right now, but it might have decreased due to the recent pandemic. The biggest problem that most international students face is their financial difficulty, and without any scholarship, a part-time job was the solution

I would highly recommend that you apply for the MEXT Scholarship since it covers the full cost of your study abroad, and if you don’t know what it is, be sure to look it up since this scholarship program is offered to many international students.

Which University is the Most Prestigious Institution in Japan?

Being one of only two Japanese universities with world rankings, the University of Tokyo is probably the most prestigious institution in Japan. Having great academic support for both international students and its local residents, UTokyo will continue to rise in popularity.

  • Ranked in the Top 40 in World’s Top Colleges
  • Ranked #1 University in the Country of Japan

If you do want to learn more about the University of Tokyo, be sure to visit their website right here, and let’s end our Q&A for right now and begin our journey of uncovering the top ten institutions in Japan for international students!

Best Universities in Japan for International Students

For each institution, we will be listing several important links for international students. In addition, I’ll try my best to cover the positive side of each Japanese institution along the way, and I’ll see you guys at the end of this post!

1. University of Tokyo (UTokyo)

Having three major campuses located in Tokyo, this institution is a major powerhouse when it comes to academic development and growth. Consistently ranking in the top 100 universities, the University of Tokyo is a great place to go as an international student.

Providing the ideal environment for research, Tokyo Institution currently has 56 major facilities on campus for research students and 42 overseas facilities. Having a wide selection of world-class resources, UTokyo offers one of the best opportunities for aspiring graduates.

2. Kyoto University (KyotoU)

Similar to the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world, and it closely follows the footsteps of Tokyo University by ranking 2nd among Japanese institutions.

Having a small faculty to student ratio of 11:1, Kyoto University provides an ideal learning environment for its incoming students. In short, there is one professor for every 11 students, which means smaller class sizes and an increase in professor/student interactions.

3. Keio University (Keio)

Being the first private institution in the country of Japan, Keio University began its journey by offering programs related to Dutch studies. Over the last 150 years, Keio University has grown into a major academic institution that rivals even the top Japanese institutions.

Located in the great city of Tokyo, Keio University offers great research opportunities similar to that of Tokyo University. Being dedicated to the interest of its international students, Keio has partnered with many global universities for dual degree programs.

4. Waseda University (Waseda)

Placing fourth among the top universities in Japan for international students, Waseda is one of the most prestigious institutions in Japan. Known for being highly selective during its admissions process, Waseda University is a great place to learn and to improve your life skills.

5. Osaka University (OU)

Ranking among the top three public institutions in Japan, Osaka University is a national university that was also named as one of the few Imperial Universities in Japan. Due to its high academic standards and curriculum, OU is a great choice for any international student!

6. Tohoku University

Rising through the ranks, Tohoku was named as #1 Japanese University in 2020! Compared to other institutions, Tohoku is still a young university, but they won’t let their age get in their way to success. Known for its innovative mindset, Tohoku University was also the first institution to accept females and international students into their ranks.

7. Ritsumeikan University (Ritsumeikan)

Deeply interested in Western culture, Ritsumeikan University has long accepted international students regardless of their background. In addition to rigorous academic exercises, students at Ritsumeikan are professionals when it comes to playing American-style football.

8. University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba)

Established and funded by the Japanese Government, the University of Tsukuba is known for having one of the largest campuses nationwide. Having a primary focus on STEM-related fields, Tsukuba is renowned for its program in the sciences, engineering, and technology.

9. Kyushu University (Kyushu U)

Named after the island that it is located in, Kyushu University was named as the 4th Imperial University of Japan due to its research-oriented focus. Being one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, Kyushu was one of the few universities that were visited that Albert Einstein.

10. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)

Being the largest university in the country of Japan, the Tokyo Institute of Technology is a prestigious research university that is backed by the Japanese Government. Holding several titles in the leaderboard, Tokyo Tech is the last choice of our top ten institutions in Japan for international students.

Right Curriculum Determines Happy Student Life

Choosing the next step of your life should be done with much thought since the next four to five years will depend on your place of study. Do your research and make sure that you will be satisfied with your choice down the road. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you need to get as close as you can!

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