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Standing for All India Council for Technical Education, AICTE is an educational department that was established immediately after India’s independence in 1947. Knowing the importance of technical education, AICTE Scholarships was established to encouraged Indian students to take courses concerning applied science and modern technology.

Types of AICTE Scholarships

AICTE Scholarships are separated into four types, and each scholarship scheme has its own unique requirements and scholarship values. If you are not satisfied with the top four, I have included the link to additional AICTE Scholarship Schemes and Grants, so be sure to click on that link if you are interested.

1. PG Scholarship (Post Graduate)

Since PG Scholarship is a Post Graduate Scholarship, it is only available to students who are trying to get a Master’s Degree. Key eligibility requirements for this scholarship are listed down below, so if you do meet the requirements, please click on the link to PG Scholarship for helpful guidelines.

Eligibility Requirements for PG Scholarships

  • Be a Full Time GATE / GPAT Qualified Student*
  • Be Admitted to One of the Following AICTE Approved Programs
    • Master of Engineering
    • Master of Technology
    • Master of Architecture
    • Master of Pharmacy
  • Be Admitted to AICTE Approved Institutions
  • Be Admitted to AICTE Approved University Departments

*PG Scholarships are available to students who are admitted with valid GATE / GPAT scores at the time of admission. If you don’t have the valid GATE / GPAT scores at the time of admission, you are ineligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Value : Rs. 12,400 Per Month

For Additional Helpful Guidelines, Click Here.

To Apply for PG Scholarship, Click Here.

2. PRAGATI Scholarship Scheme

As one of the top AICTE Scholarship Schemes, the PRAGATI Scholarship was established to provide assistance for girls who are pursuing technical education. Education is a way of the key ways to empower women, and it can also prepare them for a successful future.

With this in mind, the motto for PRAGATI Scholarship Scheme is “Empowering Women Through Technical Education.”

Eligibility Requirements for PRAGATI Scholarships

  • Be Admitted to AICTE Approved Institutions
  • Be a First-Year Student
  • Have a Family Income Less Than Rs. 8 Lakhs Per Year
  • Up to Two Girls Per Family

Scholarship Value : Rs. 30,000*

*The scholarship award can be used to pay for tuition; however, if your scholarship amount exceeds the tuition value, the remaining scholarship money can be used to pay for books, equipment, software, laptop, desktop, vehicle, or examination fees.

Also, please remember, you can apply for only one scholarship scheme. Even though you may be eligible for multiple AICTE scholarships, you can apply for only one, so choose your scholarship and make sure to meet the eligibility requirements before starting the scholarship application.

For Helpful Guidelines, Click Here.

To Apply for PRAGATI Scholarships, Click Here.

3. SAKSHAM Scholarship Scheme

SAKSHAM Scholarships offers encouragement by offering financial support to physically and mentally disabled students who are pursuing technical education. To provide an equal opportunity to every student, the AICTE is offering the SAKSHAM Scholarships to 1,000 prospective applicants.

Eligibility Requirements for SAKSHAM Scholarship

  • Be a Differently Abled Student Having More Than 40% Disability
  • Be Admitted in AICTE Approved Institutions
  • Be a First-Year Student
  • Have a Family Income Less Than Rs. 8 Lakhs Per Year

Scholarship Value : Rs. 30,000*

*Same thing applies for both PRAGATI and SAKSHAM Scholarships; however, you can spend the scholarship money on specific equipment or software for visually impaired, hearing impaired, or speech impediments.

For Helpful Guidelines, Click Here.

4. National Doctoral Fellowship

So far, we have covered scholarships for Master’s Degrees, for women, and for specially-abled students, but we did not have a scholarship dedicated for Ph.D. students. To promote research and the pursuit of innovations, AICTE is offering this scholarship to prospective research scholars.

Eligibility Requirements for National Doctoral Fellowship

  • Be a Research Scholar Admitted to AICTE Research Institute
  • Have a Cumulative GPA of 7.5 on the Scale of 10 at Both Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees*
  • Be Less Than 30 Years of Age (Exception**)

*The undergraduate and master’s degree should be in one of the courses related to AICTE Approved Programs (Look under Eligibility Requirements of PG Scholarships for Details). For SC / ST / PH candidates, the Cumulative GPA has to be 7 out of a scale of ten. Also, the GPA scale is not set, so you can have its GPA equivalent to be eligible.

**For candidates belonging to SC / ST, Women, and Physically Challenged Category, you have an age relaxation of 5 years.

To Know More, Click National Doctoral Fellowship.

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