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FFC Scholarship (2021)

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Just before we get into this scholarship post, I have one thing to ask of you, and it is not money or anything like that so don’t worry. The last application deadline for the FFC Scholarship was in 2019, and there was no further announcement of the FFC Scholarship in 2020.

That means it may have closed, or maybe the scholarship foundation didn’t open the application portal yet. Whatever the case is, I want you guys to double-check if the FFC Scholarship is still offered or not. Please be warned since I didn’t see any further announcements regarding this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements / Benefits of FFC Scholarship

FFC stands for Fauji Fertilizer Company, and they are one of the largest private industries located in Pakistan. Due to its large funding, they have decided to spread their profits to help the younger generation receive their education.

FFC has established a scholarship fund that supports talented but economically poor students who are in need of financial aid. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you have to pass two main eligibility requirements, which are financial-based and merit-based.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Score 85% or Above in the Last Competitive Exam*
  • Be Applying EITHER/OR
    • Your 1st / 2nd Semester for Bachelor’s
    • Your 1st Year for Post Matric Degrees (Masters or Doctoral)
  • Be Enrolled in Government Approved Universities or Registered Colleges
  • Be Holding Land Less Than 50 Acres of Land
  • Show Proof That Farming is the Primary Source of Income
  • Be Enrolled in One of the Following Programs**

*Exception: Score 75% or Above for Baluchistan, G.B Domicile Holders & Ex FATA

**Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Telecom, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics), Agriculture, Social Sciences, Agronomy, Computer Sciences, Management Sciences

Just to quickly go over each requirement with you, I will point out each important aspect that you might need to know. For the first eligibility requirement, you need to know the special exception since FFC has lowered the academic standard for applicants in the rural areas.

Also, the government approved universities and registered colleges are probably accredited institutions in Pakistan. In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, you must be intending to major in the above-listed programs.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Bachelor’s Scholarship Stipend (Rs. 3000 Per Month)
  • Post-Matric’s Scholarship Stipend (Rs. 2000 Per Month)

I was kind of confused using the terms post-matric and bachelor together since they overlap in some areas. Post-matric refers to education for Grade 11 or higher while bachelors refer to undergraduate education. If you are requesting funding for 11th grade or 12th grade, you would be receiving the post-matric stipend while for enrolled undergraduates, you would be receiving the bachelor’s stipend.

To Apply for FFC Scholarship, Click Here.

After you have clicked on the above link, you will see the application form on the top of the page. You probably are worn down after listening to all my talk, so I hoped you enjoyed this information and take advantage of it!

If you are eligible for this scholarship, be sure to apply and double-check the application deadline since it might not be open yet. Also, visit our homepage if you are looking for additional scholarship posts.