Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship

Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship (2021)

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Similar to Burger King Scholarships, the Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship gives out $1000 awards to prospective students, and their primary recipients are graduating high school students. In order to help high school seniors with their college education, the US JCI (Junior Chamber International) Senate Foundation established this scholarship program to give a hand to prospective applicants.

Eligibility Requirements / How to Apply

Unfortunately, this scholarship is not for international students since only US Citizens can apply for Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship. I will include detailed requirements concerning Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship, so if you really want to apply for this scholarship, please skip to the last part of the requirements to click on the link to Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship.

Also, all the information from this page was provided directly from the JCI Senate Scholarship Application Form.

Application Guidelines:

  1. You must be a US Citizen
  2. Turn in your scholarship application in Word format
  3. Submit the following forms in the following order*:
    • Applicant Information
    • High School Contacts
    • College Information
    • Parent or Guardian Information
    • Financial Statement
    • School, Church & Community Activities
    • Employment
    • Personal Statement (Limit of 300 words)
    • College or University Acceptance Letter (If applicable)
    • Supporting Documentation of Your Scholarship Applications
    • Three Reference Letters
    • Validating Signature
    • Transcripts (High School GPA/ SAT or ACT)
  4. Must have a valid email address
  5. Submit all forms in one mail package
  6. No electronic submissions**

*All these forms will be included in the scholarship application itself, and, if you want to add more information to prove your point, go ahead! The scholarship committee gave you a chance to lengthen your application, so if you can, please enhance your application by providing more information.

** Please do not email it to the senate chairman, but please print your application forms and send it through mail to the address of your chairman.

After completing the application forms, you can mail it to the address of your state’s chairman. Since each chairman looks at their own state’s applicants, please do not send your scholarship application to a chairman of another state.

To view each state’s address, Click Here.

To apply for Ohio JCI Senate Scholarship, Click Here.

Scholarship Awards and More!

Ohio JCI Scholarships are one of many external scholarships that are offered to US Citizens today! If you want scholarships and funding for your college education, keep searching for scholarships, and apply for scholarships as many as you can!

Since there are no restrictions on how many scholarships you can apply for, use this opportunity and also your time to plan for your future. The Ohio JCI Scholarships are $1,000 grants, and yes, even though it is not much, you can still cover for your personal expenses if you do get accepted.

I hope this helps, and visit Authority Scholarships.com for more helpful posts.