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DHERST Scholarship (2021)

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Overseeing all the important departments of Papua New Guinea, DHERST stands for the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology. Being one of the largest departments in the government, DHERST also supervises a variety of prestigious scholarships that are open year by year. Since full-ride scholarship is a rare thing in Papua New Guinea, DHERST Scholarship is only available to a small group of applicants. Before you tune out on me, be sure to read the eligibility requirements of DHERST Scholarship, and if you don’t fit the bill, then search for other scholarship posts on our website. If you want great scholarships for international students, you can also visit our sister website who supported us during our hardest days.

Requirements / Benefits of DHERST Scholarship

As previously mentioned, don’t be surprised when you see restrictive requirements listed here since the Government of Papua New Guinea only wants its citizens to receive the full-ride scholarship. Even among that small group, this scholarship is only awarded to academically talented students. As a merit-based scholarship, you need to excel in your academics and also participate in extracurricular activities in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Since this is also a highly competitive scholarship, you need to stand out from other scholarship applications since DHERST Scholarship Committee can’t give out this award to every scholarship applicant.

General Eligibility Requirements of DHERST Scholarship

  • Be a Papua New Guinea Citizen
  • Be Intending to Study Full-Time and On-Campus
  • Be Able to Satisfy the Admissions Requirement of an Institution Approved for TESAS* Award
  • Currently Not Receiving Funding From External Sources
  • Haven’t Received Academic or Disciplinary Exclusion Within the Last Two Years
  • Haven’t Accumulated a Criminal Record Within the Last Two Years
  • Haven’t Had a TESAS Award Terminated Within the Last Two Years

In addition to these eligibility requirements, there is another eligibility requirement that is only for the previous DHERST (TESAS) Scholarship Recipient. If you have previously held a TESAS Award to complete an undergraduate degree, you need to have at least three years of work experience in order to apply for another TESAS Award for your next undergraduate qualification.

*TESAS – Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (Another name for Papua New Guinea Government Scholarship – DHERST)

Before I finish this section concerning eligibility requirements, there might be some of you who might have a question concerning eligibility requirement #3. How can you satisfy the admissions requirement of the approved institution? The answer is that you need to find academic programs and institutions that are accredited by DHERST, and you need to ask your prospective university that question since they know the answer.

General Benefits of DHERST Scholarship

  • Full Coverage of Tuition for One Year
  • Transportation Stipend (Airplace Tickets)
  • Personal Stipend (Books and Personal Labtop)
  • Additional Merit Awards Based on Merit

Even though it is highly similar to a full-ride scholarship, you need to keep in mind that this scholarship is strictly based on merit. If your academic achievements start to go down, your scholarship amount starts to go down with it since you are expected to maintain an excellent grade even during your college career. As you can see, the scholarship amount is only for one year, and if you want to reapply, you sure can, but you have to keep your grades up!

To Apply for DHERST Scholarship, Click Here.

Start Working Ahead!

As you can see, this scholarship is highly rewarding but requires a lot of work. The government of Papua New Guinea awards talented students who are strong academically, so if you aren’t, be sure to raise those grades by putting a lot of time and effort into it. Always do your best, and I’ll see you soon on my next post!