Cheapest Universities in Alabama

7 Cheapest Universities in Alabama

Alabama Scholarships Cheap Universities

Before you get too deep into the content, just know that this post is for students looking for an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, and the applicant is from out-of-state. However, in-state students can refer to this page and see which university in Alabama is the cheapest and look at the tuition fees for in-state students. Usually, in-state students would find these universities to be the most affordable in Alabama.

The listed amount for each university is the cost of attendance (total cost), and it will begin with the highest amount going down. With financial aid or Alabama residency, your cost will only go down, not up.

Tuition Fees for Affordable Universities in Alabama with Scholarships

Name of InstitutionCost of Attendance*Available Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. University of Alabama$45,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
2. Troy University$34,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarship + Need-Based Aid
3. Alabama A&M University$18,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships + Merit and Need-Based Aid
4. Miles College$17,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Merit and Need-Based Aid
5. Huntsville Bible College$17,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
6. Columbia Southern University$17,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
7. Selma University $15,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Aid

*For some links, you need to search for the cost of attendance. If you are interested in one of the above colleges and one of the links does not show the cost immediately, then carefully search for the total cost by scrolling down.

Cheap Universities in Alabama

1. University of Alabama (UA)

For high-achievers, University of Alabama can be one of the cheapest colleges in Alabama due to its full-ride scholarships. Because of its high cost of attendance, many applicants are discouraged from applying to this famed university; however, please realize you have a chance of attending this university if you do receive one of the full-ride scholarships.

Before we talk too much about money, let’s reveal several key information concerning University of Alabama. UA is a flagship university in the state of Alabama, and it is one of the oldest research institutions nation-wide. In addition to its quality education, University of Alabama is famous for its football team, known as Crimson Tides.

Since it is a popular university sought by many prospective applicants, various donors and private industries financially support UA by siphoning loads of money. To lower the financial burden of its incoming students, University of Alabama sets a large amount aside to award full-ride scholarships and need-based awards.

2. Troy University

Similar to UA, Troy University is known for its athletic teams and quality education; however, Troy is known for its educational opportunities in and out-of-class. Currently offering hundreds of online degree programs, Troy University strives not just to influence its local community but also the world.

Due to its broad range of influence, many students flock to Troy, but there is one big problem that awaits the prospective applicants. Due to its high cost of attendance, Troy University offers a way to lower the cost, and that method is through scholarships. I know that not all students will receive a full-ride scholarship, so I also included a link that leads toward Troy’s Financial Aid. With this scholarship and financial aid, Troy University is one of the cheapest universities in Alabama.

3. Alabama A&M University (AAMU)

The abbreviation AAMU stands for Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, and this institution is truly one of the cheapest universities in Alabama due to its low cost of attendance. Because of its rich history, AAMU has a great amount of heritage, and it offers many undergraduate and graduate programs due to its many years of innovation and research.

Just because AAMU offers a low cost of attendance, that doesn’t mean AAMU does not offer scholarships and financial aid. On the other hand, AAMU wants to lower the financial cost even more through its full-ride scholarships.

4. Miles College

Affiliated with Methodist Episcopal Church, Miles College is a private liberal arts institution that strives for academic excellence. Combining intellectual faculty with small class environments, graduates of Miles College continues to better the community through their quality efforts. To help and to serve the black community, this affordable college in Alabama continues to innovate its higher education and give out increasing financial aid.

5. Huntsville Bible College (HBC)

Before we get too deep into Huntsville Bible College, I’m going to let you know that HBC has national accreditation instead of regional accreditation.

If you are not familiar with regional or national accreditation, Visit this Page.

HBC does not solely focus on academic growth, but it also strives to foster spiritual growth among its students. Due to its dual focus, Huntsville Bible College offers many educational opportunities for Theology, Ministry, and Teaching. HBC offers low cost of attendance to its incoming students to make higher education affordable and worthwhile.

6. Columbia Southern University (CSU)

Even though it is out of the norm, CSU is an online institution that is among the cheapest universities in the state of Alabama. Columbia Southern University offers accredited online programs that cover associate, bachelors, masters, and doctorate level courses. In addition, it offers scholarships and financial aid to make CSU education more affordable and accessible.

7. Selma University

In our article, Selma University is the cheapest university in Alabama. Similar to Huntsville Bible College, Selma University teaches much about the Christian faith and encourages its students in a spiritual walk with God.

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