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Darmasiswa Scholarship (2021)

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As more countries began their own government scholarship programs, the Government of Indonesia began to consider establishing its own scholarship funds for talented international students. Darmasiswa Scholarship Program is funded by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture, and it is awarded to prospective foreign students who are interested in learning about the language, art, and culture of Indonesia. As the number of applicants continued to increase annually, the competition for Darmasiswa Scholarship continued to grow, so be sure to take advantage of the posted information down below by applying before the application closes.

Eligibility Requirements / Scholarship Benefits

When the Indonesian Government Scholarship Program was first established, it was only open to students who were from the ASEAN Countries; however, as time passed, more and more countries became diplomatically related to Indonesia, which opened up a lot of doors for foreign nationals. Since there were so many countries eligible for the Darmasiswa Scholarship, the Government of Indonesia decided to allow all foreign students to apply for its scholarship programs. Now you know the first one, let’s get on with the rest of our requirements, shall we?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Foreign National (Doesn’t Have Indonesian Citizenship)
  • Be at Least 18 Years Old and Not Older Than 27 Years Old
  • Be in Good Health (Medical Certificate)
  • Be Interested to Learn About Language, Art, and Culture
  • Have Completed Secondary Education or Its Equivalent (High School)
  • Able to Communicate in English*
  • Not Registered as Darmasiswa’s Alumni
  • Not Currently Working in Indonesia
  • Not Currently Living in Indonesia

*If Applicable, You Can Prove Your English Proficiency Through TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or Other Certificates (Not Required).

You might have some questions regarding the eligibility requirements, so I’ll go through each one specifically. The first requirement regarding citizenship is pretty straight-forward since you can apply for this scholarship if you are not from Indonesia (#1). Next, the age requirement is clear as crystal since you need to be between that range when you are applying for Darmasiswa Scholarship (#2). In order to show that you are in good health, you probably need to take a physical examination from a nearby hospital, and you probably need the doctor’s signature as well to make it official (#3).

Being interested to learn the language, art and culture was the underlying requirement for this government scholarship since you are probably applying for this scholarship because you are interested in learning more about Indonesia (#4). Completing high school is probably an obvious requirement since you are coming to Indonesia to undertake your college education (#5). Even though it is not required to take an English Proficiency Test, I would definitely encourage you to take it if you can since those grades can be used to apply for other scholarships as well (#6). If you have previously received the Darmasiswa Scholarship, then you can’t apply for it again (#7). Last but not least, you can’t apply for this scholarship if you are not in your home country (#8,9).

Scholarship Benefits

  • Monthly Living Stipend
    • Rp. 2.950.000 for Students Living in 1st Area – DKI Jakarta, Batam, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Manado, Makassar, Samarinda, and Ambon
    • Rp. 2.550.000 for Students Living in 2nd Area – Aceh, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Lampung, Bogor, Purworkerto, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, and Malang
  • Settlement Allowance*

*Only Given to Students Who Attend the Orientation Program. Also, International Airfare To / From Indonesia Will Not Be Covered.

To simply explain, students who receive the Darmasiswa Scholarship will choose one of many universities in Indonesia to study in. If you choose a university located in the 1st area, you will receive a higher monthly living stipend since it is more expensive in the 1st area than in the 2nd area. Also, you will gain additional benefits if you attend the orientation program, so be sure to attend if you can.

Importance of Application Deadlines

To be completely honest with you, this article was posted right after the application deadline for this scholarship was closed, so I need you to double-check the application deadline before you apply since it might be still closed. If you think that this scholarship is a good deal for you, then make note of this scholarship so that you can apply for the next round, and as always, be sure to do your best in your academic work so that you can shine during your scholarship application. Good luck, and you are always welcome to visit our homepage!

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