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Before we get into specific details concerning King Saud University Scholarships, I am going to quickly cover the education system of Saudi Arabia. Driven to decrease illiteracy among its people, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education focused much of its funds to its undergraduate and graduate schools.

To encourage education, the public universities of Saudi Arabia offers free tuition, room & board, and a stipend to international students. In addition to these great benefits, the scholarship recipient gets a free education from one of the top universities in Saudi Arabia.

You might be thinking, because of free tuition, the quality of education will be low; but that is not the case! When constructing their public universities, Saudi Arabia brought over similar education systems that are taught by universities in the United States.

So, don’t worry! Read through this post, and consider all your benefits before deciding to leave this page. Hope you enjoy this post about King Saud University Scholarships!

Benefits of King Saud University Scholarships

All international students (who are not from Saudi Arabia) are given scholarship benefits if they are accepted into King Saud University. Also, if you are from Saudi Arabia (you receive the same benefits), you should probably know more about your country’s education system than I do!

Policies of King Saud University Scholarships

Due to its great number of international students joining its campus every year, Ministry of Education had to make some ground rules when giving out the scholarship awards. There are some rules that either restrict or allows a student to receive this scholarship.

To be considered, students should

  • Not Holding a Government Job
  • Not Withdraw From or Postpone the Semester
  • Not be a Visitor* of Another University
  • Not Have a Low GPA (Below 2.0 on a 4.0 GPA Scale)

In addition to these policies, there are separate requirements for undergraduate and graduates, but before going into the requirements, let’s get into the scholarship benefits of King Saud University.

Values of King Saud University Scholarships

There are varying amounts of scholarship awards for different groups, so make sure to pay attention to your eligible group! In addition to free tuition and room & board, keep in mind the currency rates 1 SR approximately equal to .25 USD.

For Undergraduates

  • Scientific Studies (SR 1000)
  • Humanities (SR 850)

For Graduates

  • Graduate Studies (SR 900)
  • Master’s Thesis (SR 3,000)
  • PhD Dissertation (SR 4,000)

Remember, the award amount listed above is a stipend that is given for mandatory expenses. For undergraduates, the stipend is usually spent on personal expenses; and for graduates, your stipend is spent on books and references.

In addition to the scholarship stipend, King Saud University offers another chance for international students to receive a scholarship. This scholarship is merit-based, so make sure to read the eligibility requirements concerning academic merits.

For King Saud University Scholarships, Click Here.

King Saud University’s Excellence Rewards

This award is given only to international scholarship students, and this scholarship amount is SR 1000. In order to receive this scholarship, the applicant needs to fulfill the following requirements:

Eligibility Requirements (Undergraduates / Graduates)

  • Get a Excellent GPA Rating in Two Consecutive Semester of the Same Academic Year*

*There is a special conversion for Saudi Arabia grading scale, but the GPA rating is calculated by the following equation: (1st Semester Points +2nd Semester Points) / (1st Semester Credits + 2nd Semester Credits). The required GPA Rating is 4.50, which is 90 in a 100 point scale.

In order to receive this additional scholarship, you need to do extremely well not in one but in all of your classes. Basically, you need to get an A for every class; and if you don’t, you need to get a higher grade such as A + to even out your average.

For King Saud University’s Excellence Awards, Click Here.

Conclusion: Apply!

Just to let you know, King Saud University is a collection of multiple colleges and schools. In order to cover the broad range of majors and minors, King Saud University has established schools to cover their range of disciplines. So make sure to apply, and please visit our homepage for the most recent updates.

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