Bucknell University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

Bucknell University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

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Founded in 1846, the Bucknell University was first founded as a liberal arts college that started out with its own undergraduate and graduate program. Currently, Bucknell University ranks as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the United States, and its engineering program is one of the best in America.

The Bucknell University offers quality education to its students by allowing only professional faculties to teach their students, and their student to professor is surprisingly small. Offering over 300 programs, the Bucknell University invites students by offering great scholarship programs as well.

Merit Scholarships Offered by Bucknell University

Bucknell University offers two types of financial aid. One is merit-based, and the other is need-based. The scholarships that are given out by Bucknell University are merit-based, and if you want need-based financial aid, then you need to scroll down to grants, loans, and work-study.

A. Presidential Fellowships

Awarded to the top students in the incoming freshmen class, the Presidential Fellows Program awards $30,000 per year, and it is a renewable scholarship for four years (As long as you meet the scholarship renewal criteria).

In addition, the Presidential Fellows will be paired with one of the Bucknell University faculty who will mentor, guide, and include them in a long-term significant research/project.

For further information, view Presidential Fellows Program.

B. Arts Merit Scholarship

Awarding $2,500 ~ $20,000 per year, the Arts Merit Scholarship is for students who are talented in one of the following areas: art & art history, creative writing, dance, film/media studies, literature, music and theatre.

In order to be considered for the Arts Merit Scholarship, the applicant who is interested in one of the fields above needs to fill out the application for admissions. When filling out the application, there is a section where you can upload a sample of your work in order to be considered for the Arts Merit Scholarship.

After you upload and submit, the Bucknell University Scholarship Committee will choose the finalists among the applicants, and the finalists need to attend the on-campus program in order to receive the scholarship. To see the application requirements and selection process, please click on the link down below!

For further information, view Arts Merit Scholarship.

C. Bucknell Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship

Known as B-WISE as short, the Bucknell Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship awards women who intend to major in engineering. Having a value of $20,000 per year, the B-WISE Scholarship is a great option for many students.

To apply, the women who mark engineering as their intended major in the admissions process will be automatically considered for this scholarship.

For further information, view B-WISE Scholarship.

D. Bucknell PwC Scholarships

Known as PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarship, this award is for students who are intending to major in accounting & financial management. Awarding $20,000 per year, the Bucknell PwC Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for all four years.

In addition to your admissions, the PwC Scholarship requires a separate application. Be sure to check all the details in the link down below!

For further information, view PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarship.

For the sake of brevity, the following scholarships will not have a description but only have eligibility requirements and scholarship values.

E. Community Engagement Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students who have demonstrated personal growth* by involving themselves in one of the following areas: school, community, extramural civic learning/participation.

*How will you demonstrate this personal growth? Through an Essay

Scholarship Value: $20,000 per year

F. Dean’s Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Have a high academic achievement (High GPA)
  • Be studying in a hard and intensive high school curriculum
  • Have good standardized test scores

Scholarship Value: $10,000 per year

G. FIRST Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Have either been involved in FIRST Robotics Competition, a FIRST Tech Challenge Team, or FIRST Lego League Team Mentor
  • Submit an essay about FIRST experiences
  • Recommendation Letter from a coach or mentor of your FIRST team

Scholarship Value: $10,000 per year

H. Mathematics Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be apply for Mathematics as your intended major
  • Have superior academic achievements

Scholarship Value: $10,000 per year

To view all merit scholarships, view Bucknell University Academic Scholarship.

Need-Based Grants Offered by Bucknell University

There are two types of need-based grants, and it separates into federal grants and state grants. The requirement for federal grants and state grants is that the applicant needs to be US Citizen or Permanent Residents.

To be more specific, the general requirement for a federal grant is to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The most common grants are Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant. The federal government awards these grants to students with demonstrated need. After receiving these grants, the students do not have to pay it back.

For state grants, the specific requirement is that the applicant needs to be Residents of Pennsylvania to apply.

For further information, view Federal and State Grants.

Additional Options

1. Student Employment

Many students are employed by Bucknell University due to many work-study programs. This option is the surest way to earn a low amount of income to pay for your personal expenses.

2. Loans

This is the last option that you should choose since loans need to be repaid. Most loans are with interest rates while some loans do not. Make sure to read all the guidelines for loans just in case you forgot something.

3. Paying Options

After being admitted to Bucknell University, there are several options in which you can pay. You can choose to pay monthly or whichever you want. Be sure to pay the tuition on time in order to stay out of debt.

To be honest, student employment and paying options are a viable option to stay out of debt, but applying for loans is the surest way to get into debt. Make sure that you have exhausted all your other options before applying for loans.

Hope this helped, and, for more helpful guides, visit Authority Scholarships!