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Arizona State University Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Arizona State University is a great institution located in Phoenix, Arizona. The university has over 80,000 undergraduate students on its five Arizona campuses, making one of the largest public universities in America. Since its establishment in 1885, it has provided students both from Arizona and outside Arizona quality education so that they can have a much better chance of success in life. In this article, we will be looking at Arizona State University Scholarships and Financial Aid so that you will be able to afford to attend this institution.

Cost of Attendance

However, before we look at the Arizona State University scholarships, let’s discuss how much you will be required to pay. Because Arizona State University is a public institution, the cost of attendance is different for Arizona residents and out-of-state students.

For Arizona students, the cost of attendance is approximately $30,000 per year and that includes approximately $10,000 in tuition fees, $14,000 in room and board, and the rest is personal expenses, books, fees, etc. For out-of-state students, the total cost of attendance is approximately $48,000 per year and the tuition fee is approximately $28,000 per year.

These cost of attendance is a big figure for most families, but Arizona State University has various financial aid to help cover the cost. These financial aid include scholarships and grants, which do not need to be repaid as well as loans, which do need to be repaid. Also, the university has special programs, which especially helps low-income students from Arizona to help them financially be able to attend the university. They also have similar programs for students out of Arizona as well.

Arizona State University Scholarships

Arizona State University offers scholarships to prospective students. In this section, we will be looking at the various types of scholarships that are available at Arizona State University.

1. New American University Scholarships

This is the largest merit scholarships that are available at ASU. The New American University Scholarships are given to the excellent students who’ve been admitted to the University. The scholarship amount is based on your GPA, SAT/ACT Scores, and the State of Residency. You can use this calculator to estimate your award.

2. Individual Scholarships on Scholarship Search Tool

There are many different ASU scholarships that are available through the Scholarship Search Tool. These have varied deadlines as well as requirements and eligibility criteria. If you are set on going to Arizona State University, I highly recommend that you apply as soon as possible and look through these scholarships to see if you are eligible for scholarships.

3. Departmental Scholarships

There are many departments at ASU that offers generous scholarships to students that want to join their department. You can see the list of all the departments here. From there, you can go to the department of your choice and see if there are any scholarships available for incoming freshmen. If there are, you should see if there are eligibility requirements or separate applications. These constitute a large portion of scholarships available at Arizona State University, so make sure to check these out!

How to Maintain ASU Scholarships

Many of these awards are renewable every year for a total of four years. There are renewability criteria associated with every scholarship, and you need to read that carefully. For more prestigious awards, the renewability criteria are full-time enrollment and GPA of 3.0 or higher. Other scholarships might require a lower GPA.

Once you get your scholarships, you will need to carefully see the renewability criteria. These are not very hard to meet, but if you party and get wasted every night, you might not be able to meet the eligibility criteria. So, study hard!

How to Apply for Scholarships

Many scholarships at Arizona State University do not require a separate application. Instead, you just need to apply for admissions. You definitely need to check the department scholarships and scholarships that are available through the search tool to see if they require any supplemental application.

ASU Grants

There are many grants that are available at Arizona State University. Grants are money in your financial aid package that does not need to be repaid, just like scholarships. Students enrolling at ASU are eligible for Federal Aid such as Pell Grant and Teach Grant, University Grant, and State Grants.

There are different criteria for these awards, but many are given based on the financial need of the applicant. You should check the Grants Page for more information.

How to Apply for Grants

To apply for grants, you will need to fill out FAFSA by January 1. This financial form is run by the government, and it is completely free to fill out. It becomes available on October 1 of each year, so I highly recommend that you fill these out as early as possible.

Special Financial Aid Programs at ASU

There are financial aid programs that are special only to Arizona State University. These include ASU College Attainment Grant, which helps low-income families in Arizona to help their child go to college. It is a full tuition scholarship if you meet certain eligibility criteria. Another is the Obama Scholars Program, which provides financial aid as well as coaching for low-income state residents.

While many of these are for in-state students, there are programs for students outside Arizona. One of these programs is the Western Undergraduate Exchange, which reduces tuition fees for students who live in the Western States. Their tuition will be reduced to 150% of the in-state tuition, which is a pretty significant discount. However, in exchange, they will be limited somewhat in the campus that they live and the major that they choose. But if your major and preferred campus is not on there, then you should look for other scholarships and grants at ASU.

I hope that this article on the Arizona State University Scholarships and Financial Aid was helpful. If you are from Arizona, I highly recommend that you go to Arizona University Category. If you are not, then I suggest that you go to the Authority Scholarship Website and go to your state’s category. Since the universities in your state will likely be affordable to you, it wouldn’t hurt to check!